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The WADmaker's Discography Thread

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Edit 2019: this list is way out of date. Check the updated list here! https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Adam_Post_(Doomkid)


- original post below -


This is the place for all WAD and Mod author's to post a full list of their works, so we can find them all in one easy place. I often find myself scouring the idgames database for "so old it's new" material to play. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, but it got me thinking: Why don't I play through maps from some of the familiar community names instead?

I would really prefer it if people don't omit old or bad things just because they're old or bad. If anything, it makes the before and after comparison far more impressive and really shows a mapper's curve. (Unless you're like me and haven't improved since 2005.) If you do decide to omit things, let us know why, at the very least!

Please note, this is not just for mapping! Any wad for Doom has a place here, graphics, sounds, music, compilations, hack jobs even. This is purely for historical interest.

All of my maps are listed here with screenshots!

I'll kick it off with a chronological listing of my own works:

Pre-2001: I edited maps in a very terrible fashion, and actually did not know how to make my own levels from scratch. Doom Rampage, author of the notoriously terrible "Doom: Rampage Edition" sent me WadAuthor, and that god me started on properly learning to map.

2001-2002: !a3e.wad. This was the first pack of maps I ever created, about 5 or 6 in total. It was filled with bugs and horrible 1994-esque shit. I didn't even know how to attach sectors, so every door or moving sector looked glitchy as all hell. I learned a lot making it though and had so much fun.

2003-2004: MiniDM.wad. I had been doodling out maps for a while but this was the first thing I ever released. It's like a "Worst of Dwango, featuring some ZDoom shit" mapset. There was also an equally crappy MiniDM2.wad.

2004-2005: Doomkid Planet. Some of the ideas I came up with here would later be used in UAC Rebellion. This was a terrible idea for a megawad where demons invade a cartoon universe (I was about 13 when I came up with this) but I never got very far with the cartoony graphics. There's a version somewhere with cartoony hands, but it's essentially the same. It's not completely terrible, just mostly. 15 SP maps, followed by a few DM maps.

2007-2009: UAC Rebellion. This was my first 'real' release. It's pretty flawed looking back, so many cramped hallways.. But peoples liked it well enough on DW. I remember people ravaging it on the old ST forums though. I was so glad to finally get something competent out there, though.

2009-2012: Revenge on the 90's. This one has even more flaws than UAC Rebellion, honestly. The maps are less claustrophobic.. In fact, they're so enormously wide open that it becomes a pain to fight hitscanners. There are a few maps in this I'm still proud of, but it's very much a mixed bag.

2013: I started the ongiong ZMatch series with a few good friends of mine! Again, they're a bit mixed, but damn we had fun making and playing them. I also made the first of the Doomkid's Deathmatch series.

2014: TheDevilzWork. I finally found my comfort zone with mapping. They don't have the level of pseudo-realism as the UAC rebellion style mapping, but I feel they're far better balanced and more satisfying to play. There are some parts that are a bit grindy, but I think it's my best SP wad so far.

Deathmatch Revival. I actually started this in '13, the goal was to get fresh faces and old veterans alike together for some FFA goodness. It turned out to have a 50/50 mix of good and bad, and is completely overshadowed by things like 32-in-24. If it wasn't for The_Miano's help, it might not have ever been released, but I'm glad it was finished despite mixed reviews.

2015: The Sinister Seven. This WAD was essentially a mix tape of community project submissions, with a few alterations. People seem to enjoy it. I recommend playing it on survival with some friends!

Doomkid's Duelzones. I finally get serious with DM mapping and put out a balanced set that's fairly suitable for competitive play. Had lots of help from various friends with this one, especially in regards to item and weapon placement.

Began working on Doomkid's Duelzones 2, which is still a WIP, but so far I think it's my best DM turf to date.

Dwango: 21st Anniversary. This is basically a better take on the concept for DMR, and the sequel to Dwango20.

Community/other stuff I've had the pleasure of partaking in:

2006: Did some testing for Ni'mrod: Hell on Exdeus. I remember being so floored by Homer's maps at the time. I wonder where he went to?

2007: Submitted some crappy maps to Sabbat Martyr. Visually they're okay, but the gameplay is just awful on them. I obviously didn't know how to make DM maps at the time, MiniDM plays better than my submissions for this otherwise awesome project.

2013: Submitted a MIDI for the Plutonia MIDI Pack. There's no way around it, that's a damn fine compilation of MIDIs!

2014: Helped Fragmare do some testing for Aftermath OS Duel. Some people might not dig it, but I find the maps to be beautiful and fun as hell.

Compiled Dwango: 20th Anniversary Edition.

Submitted a map for DMP14.

2015: Submitted a map to Doomworld Roulette: Season 1 which is a great concept for community mapsets. I'm hoping to see several more installments of this down the road!

Submitted a partial map the the Mutiny community project, which has the fantastic idea of each map being a collaboration between two or more Doomers.

Submitted two maps for the Ty Halderman memorial pack, which is being crafted to honor Ty and his many years of commitment to the Doomworld community.

Submitted a track for the Revolution! MIDI pack as well, which seems to be coming along great. (Seriously, there are some talented musicians here.)

Submitted a map for DMP15. (Looking forward to the ZDoom half!)


I'm really interested to see other DW member's mapping biographies. I'm curious to see all the stuff each of you has done over the years, it's gonna give me countless hours of playtime!

Edited by Doomkid

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Ok here we go with my stuff....

2000: Vilecore A 32 level, Doom 2 megawad created with DoomCad5.1. It was pretty much a practice run in mapping for me. It features such things as nice texture unalignments, pits you can't get out of, narrow corridors, square rooms and other fun anomalies.

2003: Underhalls. I asked American McGee if he was ok with a remake and he said yes. So I made this thing for Legacy and it never made it to the archive since remakes are not acceptable, if my memory is correct. Legacy is dead and this thing rots... maybe I'll resurrect it for GZDoom. *shrugs*

2003: Blood Pentagram This one is a single map made for, Doom 2, Legacy. It has some 3d floors (tables, a bookcase, fireplace, big assed pentagram), and hackish monsters. You can run it in GZDoom, tho I don't think the fraggle script (hell I can remember) stuff will work, but it's still playable. It's a very small map. An updated version is in a project I'm working on that's called Stalking Evil for GZDoom.

2003: 10 Years of Doom Doom's 10th Birthday map for Doom. The map is built inside the words '10 Years of Doom' and I threw it together in 4 days. I guess I was on speed cause I can't make that much shit in a week nowadays.

2005: 11 Years of Doom I didn't get this one done in 2004 and was delayed until 2005 for the release. 11th Bday map, made for Doom 2 with the same gimmick as the 10th one.

Community Releases

2006: NDCP (Newdoom Community Project) A Doom 2 megawad we put together over on the now defunct Newdoom. I ended up being projectile leader somehow and we put this thing out. We had some cool mappers thankfully. My efforts in the megawad include Map01: Desecrated Paths, Map25: Bitter Harvest (with BlackFyre) and Map31: Conglomeration Complex (with Aliotroph?, PumpkinSmasher, Lutrov71, Fatal and Nuxius). Bitter Harvest was a map BlackFyre wasn't able to finish so he asked me to finish it for him. Conglomeration Complex was a map I started and then we passed it around and other authors added sections.

2007: 13 Years of Doom Danimetal asked me one day if I wanted to help with some 13 Years project that was inspired by my 10 and 11 Years of Doom maps. I did the letter 'D' portion of the map. Other authors did the other letters. I had forgotten about it's existence until one day I was looking at my olde website pages I had saved. heh.

2009: NDCP 2 (Newdoom Community Project II) I wasn't going to bother helping with this Doom 2 megawad as I had my own stuff to work on but in the end I decided to design a map for it, so I came up with Map18: Ominous Core.

I have 3 Deathmatch maps I released years ago but they never made it to the archive and I don't recall if any links exist out there. There was Templecore, Chasmcore and Lavapitt Temple. I have them here on my PC somewhere. I would like to update them before doing an upgrab to the archive tho. I haven't deathmatched in years so I dunno.

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This could be a pretty useful thread! I know I've found myself curious about what other authors have made, though the prospect of having to search for their stuff manually has always been off-putting. I'll search around for the maps I've made and will make my post soon (hopefully others will do so as well!)

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Doom 2 In Name Only - MAP22: The Catacombs

Temple of Life - The first two maps of what was planned to be a boom megawad. glad I didn't finish it now. These maps are boring pieces of shit that don't even work properly.

uh that's it


Plutonia MIDI Pack - Blood Rush (MUS12) and Cry of Desperation (MUS31)

Realm of Parthoris - The Occultist (E1M5)


Three and a half years I've been here. This is just sad :P

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Eris Falling said:

Three and a half years I've been here. This is just sad :P

Well to be fair, that's just released stuff!

Will probably post my stuff when I feel like doing so, which could be soon.

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ID Games Releases

06 Jun 2013 Monochrome Mapping Project Maps 3, 6, 7, 11, 16, & 19
28 Oct 2014 Nova: The Birth Map 2 along with most of the multiplayer thing placement throughout the wad
20 Nov 2014 Switcheroom Project Lead, maps E1M3, E2M5, E2M6, E3M4 with edits by tourniquet, & E4M5 with edits by Magnusblitz, along with most of the multiplayer thing placement throughout the wad & various other minor edits to maps to bring them within vanilla limits.
20 Nov 2014 MAYhem2048 Map 11
29 May 2015 Abyssal Speedmapping Session 16 Map 13
31 May 2015 Abyssal Speedmapping Session 17 Map 4
20 Jun 2015 Joe-Ilya's Birthday Night Map 3
19 Jul 2015 Abyssal Speedmapping Session 19 Map 5
14 Aug 2015 Abyssal Speedmapping Session 20 Map 12
21 Oct 2015 Doomworld Mega Project 2014 Map 27
16 Nov 2015 Abyssal Speedmapping Session 23 Map 9
19 Nov 2015 2048 Unleashed Map 23
28 Nov 2015 Nova 2: New Dawn most of the multiplayer thing placement throughout the wad
16 Feb 2016 Bloody Rust Project lead, Thing Placement for Map 4, & various minor edits throughout the wad
8 Jan 2017 Undeath94 E1M5, E1M7, E2M1, & Thing Placement on E1M6

7 Apr 2017 Switcheroom: The Forgotten Maps Compiled & Released the maps, thing placement for E1M3 by Megalyth & made E2M2 based on Doomkids map.

7 Apr 2017 Bloody Rust 2 Project lead, Map 4 & edits to Map 2

29 May 2017 TNT: Revilution Project Lead, Maps 5, 13, 23, & 32 made large edits to maps 06, 09, 15, 17, & 20. Also have made minor adjustments to maps throughout the wad.

17 June 2017 Confinement 256 Map Map 21

28 January 2018 Heretic Speedmapping 1 Project Organizer, E1M3

7 February 2018 Abyssal Speedmapping Session 22 Various graphics

12 February 2018 Abyssal Speedmapping Session 28 Map 2

4 March 2018 Heretic Speedmapping 2 Project Organizer, E1M2

9 July 2018 REKKR E2M4 with Revae

2 November 2019 Could You Would You In A Box? The head, the tail, the whole damned thing

28 November 2019 Alone Map 3

Yet To Be Released Projects

Bloody Rust 3 Project Lead, 1 Map with Melon

Switcheroom 2 Project Lead, 2 Maps

Perdition's Gate Resurgence Project Lead, Maps 1, 3, 5, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 21, 23, 24, & 32. Heavy edits to Maps 2, 7, 9, 10, 13, & 14

Hell Revealed Returns 5 Maps

1024 Maps 2 Maps

4 maps for an unannounced SteveD project



Abandoned Projects

Freedoom Major edits to Maps 21-23


Edited by Jaws In Space

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Total Map Stats:
(Parentheses account for co-authored maps and map edits, all inclusive)

Total maps: 68 (14)
Unreleased: 30 (10)
Single player:

  • Community/team projects: 28 (10)
  • Solo projects: 5
  • Map exercises: 19 (3)
  • Community/team projects: 16 (1)
  • Solo projects: 0
  • Map exercises: 0


Missing /idgames material includes my 2014 Doomworld Megawad Project map (Map03), maps for CGI1 (04, 06, 18, 29, 30), the Dime Birthday Level Collection map (Map02), the 50 Shades map (Map04), and the remaining Abyssal Speedmapping Session maps for 2015. There's also other bits and bobs such as my shithouse TTV!Zone contributions and the maps in the unofficially released Maps 4Matt and Maps 4TMD projects... they'll be getting booted out the door in a compiled fashion before too long, while the year's still fresh.

Sufficed to say that there's a good chunk of my material waiting in the wings; much of what's listed under the stats' single and multiplayer sections is accounted for in the unreleased 30.

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I'm glad to see people participating in this, gonna get some fresh turf to play!

dobu gabu maru said:

I know I've found myself curious about what other authors have made, though the prospect of having to search for their stuff manually has always been off-putting.

My thoughts exactly :)

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Here's my modest list, in terms of quantity and quality =p

Glen's really old wads Just reviewed in the latest /newstuff, it's a collection of 16 maps I made when I started out. Use at own risk. Doom.exe
Park of Doom Small city/park map. Doom2.exe
Jailbreak Escape from prison. Doom2.exe
Doomworld Mega Project 2012 Map04 Blood Lake, one of my 95 levels slightly tweaked. Doom2.exe (Doom 1 version here)
Soda's Birthday Map My attempt at a speed/birthday map, all in fun of course. ZDoom
Firetop Mountain Big adventure map. GZdoom, doesn't stray greatly from vanilla gameplay
Doom 2 in Name Only Map13 Downtown. Vanilla
Just GZDoom Community Mapping Project 1 Map01: Demon Laundry Day. Short gimmick map. Zdoom
We Die Young Two maps using the same midi, Map01 is Demon Laundry Day from above and Map02 is a new map called Base Dun 0 (Downbase from DMP 2015). Zdoom, requires cc4-tex

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2012 - Hell : The Very first Level (and Wad) i ever made, a Big sector with 3 Revenants and a Cyberdemon .
2014 - Infected Labs : Originally submitted for DMP 2014 in Vanilla format, a very basic and amateurish design .
2014 - Sonic Doom 2 Deathmatch : Released back in 2014, as an attempt from me to Recreate the Deathmatch feel from SRB2 in ZDoom .
2014 - Urban Brawl Multiplayer : Released back in May of 2014, fully co-op friendly levelpack for Action Doom 2 with a lot of bugfixes .
2014 - Megadventure - A Parkour levelpack for MM8BDM, featuring levels similar to the ones from the Classic Megaman series !
2014 - Frozen Cavern : Sort of well designed Deathmatch Level for SRB2 .
2014 - Dark Forest : A Race Level for SRB2
2014 - Crisis City : Sonic Generations Crisis City recreated for SRB2 .
2015 - Death Awaits : Originally submitted for DMP 2015 in UDMF format, Much better if compared to any level i released so far .

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DooM II Forever Deathmatch - 2005-06


I completed this during the beginning years of my high school life. I tried my best to make sure the gameplay was as fluid as possible using my 16 year old brain.

Features deathmatch 15 maps originally meant to be used with some Zdoom effects (skyboxes, walking on things) for Skulltag and Zdaemon.

Probably will be my ONLY stand alone project.


MAP25 - ACID REFLUX - August 2015
2048 UNLEASHED (Pcorf community project 2)


I submitted this for Paul Corfiatis' community project. This thing took me about a month and was interesting to create in a 2048 environment. The map itself is not meant for non-seasoned DooM players who don't know how to take down a cyberdemon/spiderdemon with an SSG. This one isn't the hardest map in this series either.

Abyssmal Speedmapping NUMBAH 20


First and probably last speed map until I find time again.
MAP 04 was completed in 1-2 hours, and the revamp (MAP31) was completed in total maybe 3-4 hours.


Getsu Fune said:

"the improved version of And Blood Will Spill has an inaccessible secret."

It's accessable, you're just not searching hard enough. Unusual wall discolorations are the oldest secret hiding trick in the book, even before DooM.

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I'm not super-keen on using a forum thread as any sort of "canon" place to get something, but just in case this catches on, there's a list on the Doom Wiki that ought to be a bit more future-proof:


I'll also have a nice index of mods up on my personal website once I finish it... eventually.

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-My own stuff-

Doom 0 (alpha) - Very first mega(wad); simplistic (wolf3d) stuff for skulltag with OpenGL, I was proud of it when I first made, not anymore, it's also nuts to beat.


Doom 0 : The secret of the demon - I completely scrapped the first doom 0 alpha layouts and decided on completely undoing the entire set and get started from scratch. Proud of this map pack, still have rest of the maps sketched in my notebook, too lazy to do it, time will come and I'll get into the mood to get this finished.


Bullets - A failed CP (one map by me), I eventually just uploaded this to IDgames for no reason.

1024 : ABC edition - Just trying to make short speedmaps in 2 hours in shapes of the capital letters of the english alphabet, you may learn the ABC with this megawad, or learn to get over heavy challanges, It's also made in the style of "swift death" altough this megawad was made before it.

Lost maps - Put here all the unofficial maps I've made before (they were either made randomly and accidently, some were made for a show off, some were rejected, some are just birthday maps.
Not good, stay tuned for a final version of a sequal which got respect for being way better.

Rainbow dash HUD - This is more of a collaboration between me and a brony who thought of the idea before me, it's a graphic replacement too.


1star - 1 star material deathmatch maps, they're usually symmetric and uninspired, there are still some maps that I like. It's also my first deathmatch megawad.

Oh my gwad! - One big city map, proud of it, some say it's my best effort even today.
It has too many new sources for being just 1 map wad, but whatever.

Chex rescue - One episode of vanilla chex levels, the first half of the wad (4 maps) is good effort, but I wanted something frenzy for a Final map so I made it a slaughterfest map where you travel through a slime realm, but there's only one full slime texture, problem is that it's too short. E1M6 is a hidden map that you aren't supposed to get into but I made it for fun and flat challange, the secret map is just a mediocare crate map to tribute E2M2 of Udoom for being the best map winner.

What if Bobby Prince had punk rock albums instead of metal - This is more of a MIDI compilation than something I made completely myself, people complain I don't use popular punk rock here, but that's no excuse to dislike the MIDIs.

Hell clash - A tryout in making ultimate doom seem adventurous and epic, some think it's generic.

What's to come in 2016:

Lost maps 2 - Showing how my mapping improved over the prequel but still using rejected stuff.

Versus - Just another deathmatch megawad, using original mechanics in some maps which weren't done in other DM maps I've seen.

Doom 0 : The secret of the demon - Not sure I'll want to finish this, I'll see.

-CP maps-


100 lines - Made MAP14 and MAP20 for the traditional pack

32in24-13 - Made MAP22


Nova - Made MAP21 and MAP26

Mayhem 2013 - Made MAP03 (I'm aware of the title of the wad, but it got released on IDgames on 2014)

Deathmatch revival - Made MAP05 and MAP10

Doomworld mega project 2013 - Made MAP06 for the boom compatability pack

WOOO2 - Made MAP21 and MAP28

Mayhem 2014/2048 - Made MAP24 and MAP35


32in24-14 - Made MAP22 for this.

Plutonia 1024 - Made MAP01 and MAP22

Startan maps - Made MAP06

Dime's B-day - Made MAP08

5 rooms of doom - Made MAP09 and MAP14

Rayzik's 2013 B-day - Made MAP02 (taken from lost maps)

Rayzik's 2014 B-day - Made MAP01

Doomworld mega project 2014 - Made MAP25

2048 unleashed - Made MAP43-MAP47

Abyssal speedmapping session 24 - MAP32

Nova 2 - MAP07

Doomworld roulette 1 - MAP06

Rayzik's 2015 B-day - MAP03

Dwango21 - MAP08 with Captain toenail

-Managed CPs-


My birthday night - 11 Speedmaps made especially for my birthday, still feeling warm.

Consumed earth - 7 maps based on doom 2's ending. I made MAP01, MAP05 and MAP07 for it.

License to me - A bunch of people tuning up my infamous maps, got 17 maps in total. I tuned up my own maps too, made MAP05, MAP07 with noisyvelvet, MAP11, MAP31.

Whew! I'll edit this accordingly if this stays hot.

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joe-ilya said:

My birthday night - 11 Speedmaps made especially for my birthday, still feeling warm.

License to me - A bunch of people tuning up my infamous maps, got 17 maps in total.

Maps made by other people for you (under your management or not) rather than by you, or maps made by other people drastically reworking your maps, shouldn't belong to your personal discography.

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scifista42 said:

Maps made by other people for you (under your management or not) rather than by you, or maps made by other people drastically reworking your maps, shouldn't belong to your personal discography.

Agreed, but then again Joe did a good job tuning up some of his own maps and that other map. I actually enjoyed that wad.

Y'all ready for my big list? Get ready; God I hope this doesn't bog down DoomWorld's servers with its massive size.

Here it comes...


... And there it goes.

I'm a slow worker >.<

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I bet you're going to produce the best wad of all Fonze. Slow and steady wins the race.

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Heh thanks for the vote of confidence man :)

But the only thing that's gonna make that happen is practice and repetition, of which working slow doesn't help, haha.

Still, amidst all of the really talented mappers/modders/composers/spriters/programmers we have here I doubt I'll ever make a "best ever" wad, but if I can get in the ball park one day in the future I'll be pretty happy.

I need to finish my current projects up so I can start work on a solo map again; make it a nice, small vanilla map to get back to the basics of making a good wad (like my weakest-area; detailing) instead of day-dreaming about worms and shit. Maybe the worm.wad will come next year ;p

I feel more and more ready to get to it day-by-day as I run through so many maps on a weekly basis, drooling over the great detail-work that people here pull-off and the well-done encounters. Stuff like that that helps me learn makes me glad I'm not a Doom-hermit anymore.

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dib28a (map01/09/03/04/05/22/23) [zdaemon] infinite ammo coop maps

dib28a (map26/27/28)
sloth3g (map01/02/03) [zdoom] slaughtermap with rocket jumping
sloth04a (map04) [zdoom] slaughtermap with rocket jumping
pyramid2 [zdaemon] human pyramid coop map
2sector (map07) [zdaemon] deathmatch map with 2 sectors
rjsloth (map02/03/04) [zdaemon] rocket jumping maps

rjsloth4a (map01) [zdaemon] rocket jumping map (unreleased)
masterjumps9y (map06) [zdaemon] plasma jumping map co-authored with Morrison

rjsloth (map06/10) [zdaemon] rocket jumping maps - map06 is modified masterjumps map06 with harder jumps - map10 is modified rjsloth map02 with harder jumps
smedley [zdoom] slaughtermap doom2 map01 remake
squane [zdoom] slaughtermap with rocket jumping - remake of dib28a map23
chips19 [zdoom] remake of Chip's Challenge levels
flanagan [zdoom] slaughtermap with rocket jumping - remake of sloth map03
dekutree [zdoom] remake of the dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

loink [zdoom] slaughtermap with rocket jumping - remake of sloth map04
e1m1mem2 (map01) [vanilla] remake of doom e1m1 from memory
tom19 [boom+] slaughtermaps
sloth2k9 [zdoom] slaughtermaps with rocket jumping - modified sloth maps
howmany [zdoom] no-lag unlimited kills map

slut [zdoom] remake of mission from Half-Life Decay
av20mem [zdoom] slaughtermap remake of Alien Vendetta map20 from memory
bump [limit-removing] obstacle course
uuhhtod [zdoom] 432x432 map
nostril [boom+] infinite ammo slaughtermap
em116 [boom+] slaughtermap remakes of Eternal Doom maps from memory
reality03 [boom+] maps where you can't get hurt
yourmom [boom+] slaughtermap based on a picture by gggmork
ditkd01 [boom+] backwards remake of doom e1m8
32in2410 (map30) [boom] deathmatch map
ninadobrev [limit-removing] slaughtermap

loserfag [vanilla] slaughtermaps
pppp [limit-removing] slaughtermap
64lemons [limit-removing] slaughtermaps
nh1 [vanilla] maps with no health
nh2 [vanilla] maps with no health
sf2011 (map27/28/29) [boom+] slaughtermaps

expiredl [zdoom] renew your dooming license
32in2412 (map37) [boom] CTF map with rocket jumping
dmp2012 (map39) [zdoom] slaughtermap
sf2012 (19/23/29/32/35) [boom+] slaughtermaps
tinytod [boom+] slaughtermap with 25 monsters

bustagut [limit-removing] maps in a comedy club
100linen (map11/17/31) [boom] slaughtermaps with 100 lines
merkin [boom+] weird slaughtermap
intoverf [limit-removing] intentional intercepts overflow
nina2 [limit-removing] slaughtermap
roomblow [vanilla] slaughtermap
dmp2013z (map20) [zdoom] crime scene nightmare

cassie [vanilla] nonlinear map
xaserpic [limit-removing] slaughtermap based on a picture by xaser of a map by Fellowzdoomer
bensteinsmoney [vanilla] slaughtermap with only wolfenstein textures
esp (map02/03/05) [boom+] slaughtermaps

teledest [vanilla] puzzle map
50shades (map16) [boom+] slaughtermap using limited textures/flats
dib2627 [boom+] remake of dib28a map26/27
nh3 [limit-removing] map with no health

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as far as released things go, i contributed one track, Ascension of Satan, to the Plutonia MIDI Community Pack a few years ago, and the Realms of Pathorsis Heretic community project i contributed 2 tracks (i completely missed the fact that it was finished though, holy crap!) and that's it. i have contributed to a lot of projects that are still in progress (Mutiny, Revilution, Revolution MIDI project) and a couple of projects that seemed to be canned (some Christmas-themed project.)

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The first three maps I ever made weren't posted to DW but were rather submitted to a megawad project on Something Awful that ended up not amounting to anything. So I guess this is the first time I'm sharing them here? They are pretty bad, just as a warning.


Aquatic Ruin
Volcanic Pass
(Both of these maps were built in UDMF, because goon recommendation was you build your maps in UDMF. : ^ ) )
Abandoned Refuge - this map was apparently posted as a thread a looong time ago. It's also bad!

Doom II: in Name Only Map 08 (beta) - (plays in Map08) - an awful attempt at a Map 08 entry for D2INO, which I replaced with a much better version near the end of the wad's development.

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 3 - Map 07 - my first """good""" map that was posted on /idgames. And thus begins the majority of my releases being speedmaps!
Abyssal Speedmapping Session 4 - Map 11
Doomworld Mega Project 2013 - Vanilla Episode, Map 11 - another speedmap, decided to dump it here.
Abyssal Speedmapping Session 5 - Map 11 - probably my worst speedmap? Some pretty dumb stuff here.
Doom II in Name Only - Maps 05, 08, 17 - Some of the first maps I ever made, were held whilst the project undertook a lengthy alpha/beta testing process. Replaced Map 08 with a much better map. Some real garbage here, folks!
MAYhem 2048 - Map 08 - a map I knocked out in the last couple days of May. Was quite pleased with the end result. Also 2048 map unit limit is the best limit.

Abyssal Speedmapping Session 15 - Map 09
Abyssal Speedmapping Session 19 - Map 12
Abyssal Speedmapping Session 20 - Map 17
Abyssal Speedmapping Session 21 - Map 13 - this might actually be my fav. speedmap? Not really like my usual style, but has a clear visual style and has some br00tal gameplay and cool atmosphere.
NOVA II - Map 15 - *pulls a face at you if you haven't played this good ass map yet*

Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions 26 - Map 16
Mayhem 1500 - Maps 18 & 24 (both co-authored w/ Marcaek)

Joy of Mapping 2 - Map 16 - I meant to tkae part in this session with the intention of helping other mappers, but I ended up just shitting up the call by spouting memes instead. At least I made a map!

Doomworld Mega Project 2015: Boom Pack - Map 13 - a speedmap using the aesthetic of Map 15 of NOVA II. Made basically at the end of 2015. I spent the last 2 hours of the year drawing shadows over rocky terrain. I make really good decisions when making my maps.

50 Monsters - Map 31 - Dropped in to the project at the last second because there just weren't enough maps yet in 50 Monsters that made the player want to kill themselves. Fun fact: the first version of this map had two archviles in the starting room! Joy!!

Will update this accordingly! Can't wait to play through everyone else's maps when I get the time!!

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I should probably make a good looking list like the good people above me, but I think my small website does the job just fine. Plus I can't be bothered right now! Might do it later, though :D So, here's a link to it and it's not even nicely wrapped in URL bbcode :P

List of (most) of my levels: http://windward.dk/TDR/

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Bear with me, as it will take me awhile to find all of the various maps I've released, and I will have to come back every so often to edit and update the list.

My first megawad
UAC Enterprises(this version is updated with custom map names and a few small fixes for convenience.)
WIP resource wads (contains custom stuff I've made, as well as a little bit of stuff from realm667 and other places, each credited with the Decorate info files:
M27 (monsters, items, etc.)
T20 (textures)
Father's Day Map (requires m27 and t20)
Frosty's Revenge (requires m27 and t20)
Entries to Final Doom the Way Id Did (TNT- Vanilla)
Hyper Arena
Unbeaten Path
Maps for Suitepee (both require m27 and t20)
Suitepee's Revenge
Birthday Map
Abyssal Speedmapping Session 19 (map 04 - Boom)
Weird 1994 Style Potato
Recent practice map (Limit-removing)
Map for streamer BZPlasma:
BZ-Optimus 13a (contains the map and small resource pack, with credits in the DECORATE files)
There are more, but I am busy at the moment.

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So far...

Echoes of Hell (2013/4) (Unfinished).
This is very VERY unfinished. I started work on it back in '13. Most of the concepts and maps survived into a new project I'm working on. But if you wanna try it and have suggestions for me, then feel free t' let me know. Requires Community Chest 4 Texture Pack.

Cyberdreams 2 (2013) (Unfinished)
This was a sequel to Cyberdreams by FellowZdoomer (what happened to him), I contributed a couple of maps that were in Boom format, they're really simple maps, but in my opinon, feel like a Cyberdreams level.





99 Rooms Of Doom (2013) (Unfinished)
Was the first project I joined besides the Lost Levels, was working on a map for it, which was kinda like a mountain climb of sorts, had a few landmarks. After mapping for a while, it gave me inspiration to work on Echoes of Hell.

Smash Arena Of Doom (2014)
This is a weird experimental map, the map is based on Smash T.V, and with monsters constantly spawning in, wasn't quite well recieved due to it being too difficult. Is an interesting concept though.


Ice Bucket Challenge (2014)
This is my attempt at starting the then popular Ice Bucket challenge in Doom mapping. Done it for a few laughs. Requires Community Chest 4 Texture Pack.

PSX Doom Lost Levels (2015).
I done an awful lot of converting and generally making the maps PSX like, first project I ever got involved in and it gave me a lot of experience in Doom editing.

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A bunch of stupid, glitchy wads that were unfortunately lost to the sands of time, including:
Mazomania A shoddy recreation of the Pacman maze that leads into a bunch of rooms where I tested every action special (and the max size a sector can be).
Abandoned House A giant, flat, dark "house" (more of a parking garage). Think the later Demon Trench, but shitty.
N/A Nameless recreation of my Middle school gym because it looked cool architecturally.
E5M1 Awful, awful deathmatch map that everyone at school loved for some reason.
N/A Poorman's attempt at emulating Cat and Mouse from 64, got eaten by XWE and its evil hunger.

Killer Sanic [ZDoom] First thing I ever released, an experiment in DECORATE that eventually became...
Beef Jerky [GZDoom] Crossover boss rush thing that I gave up on because I was a nancyboy.
An Obambirthday [GZDoom] Then-president Barack Obama fights demons on his birthday. Was followed up by a Platinum Deluxe Director's Cut DX Battle Edition.
Boggarack! (WOOO2) [GZDoom] Unfinished map I had lying around, decided to throw it at WOOO 2.

Sound Caulking PSX [ZDoom] An attempt to patch the reused sounds in PSX Doom, with sounds of the same general style thereof. Runs in Vanilla, but doesn't add new sounds.
Jaxxoon R's Dark Ambient Pack [OGG Support] Resource pack of dark ambient track I made in an attempt to emulate Aubrey Hodges' style.
Demon Trench (NOVA II) [Vanilla] Spooky, dark map. Felt it was too cramped and plain, so I tried to overhaul it later on.
Megiddo II Part (NOVA II) [Boom] Me, Tourniquet, Pinchy, AD_79, NoisyVelvet, and Dave the Daring all did our part in this one. Teamwork!(?)
Deem Episode 1 [GZDoom] Things I had made in preparation for WOOO 3, but I grew tired of waiting, went rogue and instead made them into my own map pack.
Impressions Doom [Vanilla] I made this without knowledge of Mallo's own wad, however, I believe the execution in mine is far superior and contains far higher quality mixing.
Demon Trench XL [Limit-Removing] My NOVA II level I decided to overhaul. Dobu Gabu Maru preferred the original. I thought the overhaul was better, so I released it stand-alone.
Zero One (Joe-Ilya Tune-up) [Boom] Tune-up of a Joe-Ilya map, this one is odd in the fact that it takes extensive liberties in regards to the original.

Also, you guys with wiki pages sure have it easy.

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Jaxxoon R said:

Beef Jerky [GZDoom] Crossover boss rush thing that I gave up on because I was a nancyboy.

You're damn right Shirley. Nah, but seriously that Beef Jerky wad was fun and I would have liked for it to have been longer.

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