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The WADmaker's Discography Thread

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I have so much crap, I split it into four categories. I could have gone on with the WIP and abandoned stuff, but my posts are bloated enough as is!

My first three maps. They're bad. Sorta like 1995 with zdoom features and a fourth-wall breaking story.

Noob Project 1 - Military Installation
Noob Project 2 - Courtyard Dash
Noob Project 3 - Out in the Cold
Learned a lot about mapping this year. Mainly due to Fatal's NewDoom review of nprject4, who basically advised to try Boom mapping to learn the fundamentals of what makes a map fun. Was also getting playtesting advice from Pcorf and TheGreenHerring, which helped tremendously. Cchest3 map31 the first map that I still consider decent.

Heretic Treasure Chest E2M7 "Sky Gateway" (It was E2M8 when submitted, and more crude. Was polished up for E2M7 slot by Vermil in 2010)
Noob Project 4 - Space Station Vrack
Doom: A Megawad in Two Weeks
MAP16 "The Final Gate"
Community Chest 3
MAP31 "Disarming the Mechanism"
Noob Project 5 is a hypercolored garish map with a cringeworthy plot of self-inserts for me and my high school friends. Despite this, I had put so much effort into it, and we had so much fun tossing ideas around, that there's still some personal fondness. Hybrid Awakening was really more of an oldschool-inspired cooldown from developing nprject5, but amusingly enough its 3-level demo was received much better.

Diet 32in24
MAP12 Layout "City of Tarnation" (Detail by Macro11_1)
MAP16 Detail "Million Dollar Pyramid" (Layout by TheGreenHerring)
Noob Project 5 - Digital Highway
Hybrid Fragments
Doom Guitarist Skin
Was devoting time to college for the next few years, so didn't have much time to map. What little I did release was either multiplayer quickies or in this case, a tiny clan community project I organized for <+RC+>.

Random Chaos Collab 1 - The CyberCrusher
MAP01 "<+RC+> Death Nexus"
MAP03 "Star Construct" (This arena was reused for CC4 MAP21. It has a similar theme.)
40oz's Other Birthday Map
From 2009 through 2012 I had way too much doom on my plate. Was switching between CC4, Earth Base, and the two little community projects I was leading (RCCOL01 and tdutrcp).

The Doom Universe Total Randomness Community Project
MAP04 "Emoticon Symphony" (The project's theme was to fix up scrapped maps into playable ones. This was a map I originally slated for Earth Base, but decided to drop.)
MAP07 "The Keeper of Nightmares" (Based on a scrapped area from my CC4 maps when they were joined together. Took it out since it didn't fit thematically, and turned it into an IoS map.)
Community Chest 4
MAP20 "Interstellar Sickness"
MAP21 "Shaman's Device"
Nebula 95: Drown Stone (Part of Snakes' Secret Santa project. My imatatee was stewboy)
Nebula 95 stuff p. much. Have been working on a bunch of large projects for the past couple of years (tnt 2, hacx, personal things) with my limited free time, and it feels nice to just release something occassionally.

Nebula 95: Nebula Shrine
Nebula 95: MudMan WonderLand
Nebula 95: Human Earrings
Nebula 95: Drown Stone Cassette B
Zdoom Community Map Project 2 (Detail in various areas of the starting techbase portion)
Today I'm pursuing a Master's while working as an App Developer for a bank. 10 hour workdays are a norm. Thank goodness for 32in24s, or I wouldn't have even released this map in 2015.

MAP28 "Christmas Eve in the Pie in the Sky Diner" (An SP map based on my 32in24-13 layout.)

Thank goodness for Shaikoten and his 32in24s.

32in24-3: DUEL CORE
MAP25 "Kass Duel Tower"
MAP24 "Kass Fortress Part 2: Not a Duel Tower"
MAP19 Layout "Hemoglobin Rig" (Detail by mid)
MAP32 Detail "Volcanic Panic" (Layout by Bucket)

MAP5 "Late Outpost"
MAP9 Layout "Keeping it Simple" (Detail by worst-vd-plas)
MAP27 Detail "Insane Gunslinger Compound" (Layout by Brinks)
MAP28 Layout "Birth of Headache" (Detail by stewboy)
MAP19 "Tower of Angry Doom Geeks" (The premise of 32in24-8 was to convert an Id software map into a deathmatch map. I chose E2M8: Tower of Babel)

Greenwar II
MAP19 Detail "BFG Containment Area" (Layout by Hellbent. As was every layout in the megawad. I made a mess with the icicles in the snowier parts of the map, which esselfortium fixed.)
MAP33 "Hate Processing Bunker"

Random Chaos Duel Collab - Rivalries
Map01 "<+RC+> Duel Nexus"
Map04 "Best Frienemies"
Map05 "Classic Confrontation" (Spruced up version of my 32in24-9 map)
Map06 "Duel Spire" (Spruced up version of my 32in24-3 map)
Odamex Nitro Deathmatch
MAP18 "Kassman's Nebula Shrine" (This layout was the basis for the first nebula 95 map, though the deathmatch map looks quite different)
MAP28 "MudMan Wonderland" (Basis for second nebula 95 map, though more detailed and mirrored for CTF.)
MAP32 "Pie in the Sky Diner"

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--ABANDONED (and for the most part crap) STUFF--
My only doom-related crap that actually predates my first map. This stuff was during my 13-year-old sprite comic phase, and it shows. In classic newbie fasion, I wanted to make a 32-map total conversion called Chaotic Stone. It was basically going to be a rip-off of a Sonic plot with "original" characters from the geocities sprite comic me and my middle school friend were putting out back then. The only remnants of this are lupin.wad, sandroids.wad, and a third wad made with NWT I can no longer find anywhere. All three are graphics only. The missing wad just had a grey pinkie replacement with a grey sword-carrying spheroid man wearing sunglasses (a "marble man"), and a cacodemon replacement consisting of a flying pixelated mask-thing ("neglan warrior"). I only released sandroids.wad to the archive. Maybe I should upload the other one for shits too. Oh and they had IWAD content of course. Its been removed.

Chaotic Stone
Not content with trying to make one super-TC, I later tried making one with a friend (going by Vega at the time) for MMX. He made the cute graphics (the stuff I didn't just steal that is) which are actually kinda charming in an MS-Painty way. Plot was going to be about a Doomguy-like alien Reploid that attacks Earth with a group of 4 Doom monster themed reploids and 4 regular animal reploids. You confront him in his fortress only to realize Sigma was the badguy again (because he always was). Didn't even make it past the first "room" =P

Megaman X Doom
For a couple of years was working on and off on a snowy CTF map for Sabbat Martyr II. Though the map itself is complete, the project never was. Probably for the best, since this layout doesn't seem like any fun to actually play in. It was made for Skulltag V2.1.7.

Sabbat Martyr II Beta 3
SMCTF08 "Artic Infiltration"
Started nprject6 right after 5. Was going to be on a jungle planet, but lost interest in the series around this time. All that was finished was the opening sequence in which you must blast your captor into an escape pod, and the starting are of the forest in map03. I had the whole series planned out: 7 was going to be in an airship battle over a desert, 8 in a Pyramid with a techbase hidden inside, and finally 9 was to be a ring-shaped ship floating above the pyramid where you finally confront the anime boyz self-inserts once and for all.
Noob Project 6
Inspired by Sargebaldy's Neith maps, I wanted to make a minisode of puzzle-based Doom 1 maps that took place on Pluto's moon Nix, where your objective was to infiltrate a mad scientist's space fortress. Didn't develop very far. Of all the wads I abandoned over the years, this one had the most potential to not be complete bollocks. Bundled it with the wads whose textures I was using (have to run it with them)

Trouble on Nix
I tried to participate in every 32in24. Keyword tried. My idea for the 32in24-10 map was to make a dark forest of giant cyborg trees. In play, it would have just been players falling off really tall bridges. Oops. Maybe I'll try the theme again some other time. 32in24-11's map isn't even worth posting. Just disjointed shapes.

32in24-10 map


Cyndrome (Was aiming to make a standalone game similar to Bomberman 64 using SNES-like graphics. Might release...something out of it one day.)

Earth Base
MAP05 "Mutilation Fountain" (Complete)
MAP07 "Rocket Jazz" (Complete)
MAP09 Detail "Vrack me Up" (Still working on it)
Squigglevision (A sample of this was released for the RC Duel Collab down in the multiplayer stuff)

Back to Saturn X E3
MAP?? "Silence before Violence" (Complete)
TNT 2: Devilution
MAP20 "Infernal Carrier" (Was like 80% complete before I submitted it. In Xaser's hands now I believe.)

Hacx 2.0
MAP10 "Anarchist Dream"
Well, hopefully you'll see.

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I'm really enjoying a lot of this stuff fellas, I hope to see even more. Great screenshots! Also added a few things to my post that I had forgotten.

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Hmm, I like the idea behind this thread :)

So here I go with my list. I haven't released a lot of stuff to the public but heh, I'm getting there I guess.

Here goes:

06/13/10 - E1M8 remake:


My first ever map released to the public. It has alot of flaws but, I guess I can't omit it since you know, it does hold some special place in my heart :)

You will need zdoom (at least) to play it.

08/11/13 - Water control (DWMP2013 - ZDoom pack, map04):


This is a short map I made for the doomworld megaproject (still had my major release to finish) and thus, this also was my first community project release i guess. You will need zdoom to play it (starting to see a patern here I guess xD).

08/16/13 - Undesired reality (e4m1):


3 years, 2 months later (took me a about a year and half to complete), here I am at it again with my second release. Undesired reality is a map that was intended to be an e4m1 remake but, I ended up scratching that idea and enlarge it so that it included alot of areas from scratch plus, a few revisited ultimate doom areas.

You will need zdoom (at least) to play it.

02/21/15 - Canyon Complex (2048 Unleashed - Map08 of the main episode)


My second entry in a community project. As the name of the project suggests, it's a map contained in a 2048*2048 playable area so yeah, it's quite short. Took me about a day to complete.

You will need a boom compatible port to play.

10/23/16 - Travelling to the moon


A rather long boom map. Quite hard in terms of difficulty but manageable. Took me about 5-6 months to complete. Currently, it's on RC2. (RC3 should be the final one and I will upload it to idgames or, have it be part of a CP maybe?). Oh yeah, you will need cc4-tex and a boom compatible port. (tested in prboom+, cl9).

31/12/16 - Crimson Wood 


Map 28 of the doomworld megaproject 2016. It is a map designed for boom (cl9) and it is mainly set in a wooden/redish hell theme. It has no custom textures as per the rules of the megaproject (2016) although, it does have a custom sky. It is fairly hard. Please not that the version in the DWMP16 has no difficulty settings implemented/coop. It has a few bugs in the skytransfer also (pointed out by antares) but, I was too late to fix these so unfortunately, it is what it is haha. 

I might release an updated version with the difficulty settings and some other minor changes heh. Infact, said version has been sitting on my drive for a little while and I just haven't gotten arround at releasing it :D

01/02/17 - Archangels 


https://www.dropbox.com/s/b38bwl4r1a5qnqu/Cereal Killer - NOTEX.wad?dl=0 (note: needs the CC4-tex)


Map 18 (I think) in the cereal killer community project. You can play a version of it in the latest cereal killer beta. Probably needs some slight tweaking and such. My first map that has a voidish theme going on (standard black texture as sky). 


As far as completed maps, this is about it. 

I do have another completed map but, that one will be for the tangerine nightmare community project. This is a project started by the folks over at the french doom community of which I am a part of. Sadly, I cannot share the map yet as it would require me to share the texture pack also (which I'm not allowed to yet). But, you will get to play it when the project releases. The ETA so far is Halloween 2017.


05/27/14 - Love.wad:

An extremely short and stupid map I did for suitepee. I'll still put it here because, why not lol.


Anyways, that's about it. I have one planned (will come out really soon) called "Fortress of misery". Will update the post when it is available.

Edited by Yugiboy85

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Nice thread! :P
My "Wadgraphy" is actually quite limited and far from being as impressive as most people here.

2008 - Eclipseii: This is my first set of level's. 19 levels in classic Doom way, though the required port is zdoom lol. I don't think the levels are that bad, but the gameplay is quite 'eeh'. I'm currently remastering it and making it look better. Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/eclpseiihttps://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/eclpseii

2012 - Discovering The Hell: The Invasion: This is my first Project I've finished the way I meant it to be. It features notable larger levels than Eclipseii, and it uses some balance changes which some people liked (others not). It is still zdoom required, because I wanted to use mp3 songs. Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dthti

2015 - Discovering The Hell: The 5 Worlds: This is the incomplete sequel of my previous wad. It features 19 levels, with new weapons, monsters, powerups and 5 distinct themes. Maps are shorter, which allows you to play lots per playthrough.

2016 - Nevasca: My lastest release, though it didn't get any attention lol I like it: It features the balance changes from my previous wads, but with everything made corretly: Changed items now have changed sprites, weapons are now more balanced, maps are less linear and battles are more interesting and engaging (I guess).
Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nevasca

2016 (WIP) - Revclipse This is the remaster of my first wad (eclipseii). It's still work in progress, but it has some good changes on enemy placement, pacing, navigation, making everthing more interesting. It is also Boom instead of ZDoom. Visuals hasn't changed much, since I wanted to keep it simple. Also, I want to turn this into a megaWAD (which is what I was planning from the beginning)

Link: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/74912-revclipse-episode-2-5-more-oldschool-levels/

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Most of my Doom junk can be found here, though an update is in order soon. Also my host seems to be super slow right now for some reason, so I don't know if the page will load.

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scifista42 said:

Maps made by other people for you (under your management or not) rather than by you, or maps made by other people drastically reworking your maps, shouldn't belong to your personal discography.

I didn't mean to say that I made the entire wad, I just said these are projects I opened up, compiled, and released into IDgames.

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I haven't actually released anything to /idgames yet except in community projects, but here are all the maps I managed to finish anyway (everything is BOOM-compatible unless specified otherwise):


Dread Keep: My first ever WAD, it contains three crappy maps. The first one is just absolute trash, the second one has some good ideas but mediocre to bad execution, and the third one is an incoherent mess. I later revisited the first map and made it more spacious and slightly better, and I'm currently in the process of making a v3 that will hopefully avert the rest of its problems.


Unnamed E1 mapset: Two vanilla-compatible techbase maps for Ultimate Doom, in E1M1 and E1M2. I never finished the third one.

Claustrophobia 1024 MAP17, "Transfer Base": I started it, Kyka finished it after I disappeared due to a lack of access to my computer. The layout, flow and visual theme are all mine, while most of the actual detailing and some important changes are Kyka's.

Doomworld Speedmapping Session 21 MAP07: Just a small, circular Dead Simple-style map with Mancubi and Arachnotrons. I still enjoy running through it from time to time.

1994 Tune-Up Community Project MAP23, "BCS03": I started it, Tatsurd-cacocaco finished it, but I honestly have no idea what he changed from my final submission before losing interest in Doom for a while. Maybe some textures.


dm1.wad (updated once in 2014): A collection of deathmatch maps (mostly for 1v1, but some of them are designed for up to 4 players). Unfinished, but maps 01-06, 10 and 11 are playable and 07 is playable but terrible. I actually just started working on this again.

Claustrophobia 1024 2 MAP27, "Tower of Desolation": Started by me, finished by Jodwin at the same time as the other one, though his changes were much less extensive than Kyka's and mostly involved removing an area that broke the rules, as it was accessible and outside the 1024x1024 boundary.

Doomworld Speedmapping Session 22 MAP03: A blandly textured slaughtermap where at one point the player has to fight four Cyberdemons with not enough other enemies to infight and no BFG. It also has a final fight that can be skipped by hiding behind a lowering pillar. I still love it.

Doomworld Speedmapping Session 24 MAP03, MAP07 and MAP12: MAP03 is a slaughtermap similar to my previous one but better textured and longer, MAP07 is a difficult regular map with lots of brick textures and MAP12 is an even more difficult and basically unfair slaughtermap. The theme of this session was the METAL2 texture set and while I tried to use it responsibly in my first two maps, I just went wild with it in MAP12 and it looks ugly as sin as a result.

32in24-10 MAP06, "Boxed In": A scaled-up version of MAP04 of my deathmatch mapset. It's terrible.

Cyberfort: A bullshit slaughtermap that was made for a speedmapping session on Doom's 17th birthday with a theme of deliberately unfair maps.

hard.wad: A ball-bustingly hard non-slaughter map made for General Rainbow Bacon in his spinoff of the unfair speedmap thread.


UDMFtry.wad: A techbase map for ZDoom (UDMF format) with an unfinished second part that I made as an attempt to learn ACS scripting. The original version had copyrighted MP3s for both level music and boss fights, this one doesn't.


32in24-12 MAP03, "Face to Face": A very compact CTF map. I haven't actually gotten any comments on it, so I guess it's not too bad, if forgettable.


Slaughterfest 3 MAP25(?), "Chaos Slaughter": This will get released eventually, I'm sure.

Maps that I haven't uploaded anywhere before, so I have no idea when I actually made them

Strawberry Crisis (requires cc4-tex.wad): A small-sized (the entire playing area except the lava lake fits inside a 2048x2048 box) reimagining of Sunder's MAP01 in red colours, it got its name when I noticed the main base area looked kinda like an upside-down strawberry. I'm actually going to continue this and make a full Sunder tribute WAD one day, because it was the catalyst of my transformation into a slaughter player and mapper.

Tower of Desolation redux (requires 1024TX.wad): A full-sized remake of my Claustrophobia 1024 2 map. Features lots of ugly detailing and me trying way too hard to emulate Insane_Gazebo's style.

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Hi! I’m dobu gabu maru, a peculiar person that makes peculiar maps. Here’s the important stuff I’ve made below (in mostly chronological order):

- - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -

->Pesha Download Link<-
Three maps made in three sittings revolving around the apocalypse. It’s my earliest work so it’s all relatively high concept stuff with iffy gameplay (the last map is alright tho).

Iron Exuviae
->NOVA Download Link<-
Near the core of the earth groans a metallic complex on the verge of death. Puzzles and fire await the brave.

->DMP14 Download Link<-
The very first map I started has ironically become the biggest map I’ve made. It's a sprawling underground facility that hides another underground facility, replete with unending traps.

Leviathan and The Stone Spinneret
->MAYhem2013 Download Link<-
A sinking temple that is host to Hell’s strongest… and a granite cathedral dedicated to the worship of the grotesque spider abominations.

Cold Seep
->MAYhem2048 Download Link<-
An underwater fortress teetering on the brink of the frigid abyss. Will you sink or swim when the cyberdemon wakes up?

Surreptitious Ichor
->NOVA II Download Link<-
A collaboration with cannonball. Nasty traps and cruel enemies lurk amidst this somber ruin forged from the heart of a dead god.

Astral Nausea
->50 Shades Download Link<-
Gaze upon the stars in this celestial plane where what’s up is down and what’s alive will soon be dead.

Cyberdemon’s Playground
->License to Ilya Download Link<-
The cybernetic King and Queen of Hell await you in this vile nightmare conceived by the very devil himself. This remains the best map of mine currently released IMO.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Butcher’s Kiln
->From DMP2015<-
A thirst for blood must be quenched within this ancient marble coliseum.

Pandemonium and Warrens
->From Ultimate Doom in Name Only<-
An active volcano is host to a terrifying horde of undead zombies... and deep inside Mt. Erebus, a cyberdemon hunts a scurrying rat—you.

Fightnancial Crisis at Enwrong
->From the Ty Community Tribute Project<-
Bear witness to a corrupt corporation and seek to regain their ill-gotten money.

Prayers in Stone
->From MAYhem 2015<-
Hidden far underground is a shrine devoted to the dead, immersed in a sea of caustic silver oil.

->Fear-based Megawad<-
A series of maps based on various fears with some poetry thrown in for good measure. In your soul burns the Molten Coil, beckoning you into the darkness time and time again…

->Solo Megawad<-
Mostly single room gimmicky challenges of insane difficulty. Every nasty idea that’s been too vicious for community projects ends up here, like fighting a cyberdemon in a room full of voodoo dolls, or a level made entirely out of pain sectors. Expect no quarter from me here.

->Six vanilla-compatible maps<-

There’s also another project I PM’d some people about a year or two ago, but that’s on hiatus until the rest of this is done. Not included are some minor stuff, like my 100 Lines maps, my DMP2012 map, and my jokewads, but I didn't feel like digging up links & pics for them.

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Redemption I Impboy, Tango and myself all worked on this before I vanished for the year. That summer I had just went through a tutorial for DB and, after many years of wanting, finally figured out how to map. Tango, Impboy and I all hung out on Doom Connector daily. By far one of the coolest summers of my life. I really dig Tango's and Impboy's maps toward the finish, don't like any of mine. To this day I fondly still think of both Tango and Impboy and that summer.

E1M1 Reloaded First shot at a clean map, but my noobish tendency of trying to fit allot ideas in one map held it back, I think. Most seemed to enjoy it.

The Slipgate Experiment Don't really remember much other than having allot of weed. I grew impatient and rushed the exit.

Hell On Mars Best mapset I made to that point, and still my favorite. I set up a bunch of stuff, but only ever really used custom sounds and mostly ST's .pak. People seemed to dig it.

Thy Wicked
Hot off the heels of HOM and unsatisfied I greased this out because I wanted to achieve a more classic Doom style.

Simplistic Evil Can't believe it's been 3 years since I finished this. Was a set of speedmaps that grew into a little more toward the end. Created a map a week, and fairly satisfied, but feel I could do better.

Bloody Rust Took about two weeks to finish map03. Had allot of fun making it, unsatisfied with game play, could be better. I enjoyed the wad though.

Simplistic Evil 2 will release later this year, hopefully.

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Ah, threads like this one interest me. I enjoy looking over other people's works and wouldn't mind sharing my own in the process:


Doom II Unleashed (02/20/11 - limit-removing) - Created MAP13 (Realm of Chaos) & MAP30 (Unforgiven). A couple maps I made for this project. Some of my first published work aside from some other unreleased content.

Plutonia: Revisited Community Project (04/19/11 - vanilla) - MAP22 (Suicide Mission) takes obvious inspiration from Impossible Mission - maybe a little too much as I sort of went into this project with the wrong mentality of thinking this was somewhat a "Plutonia the way the Casalis did"-type project.

REJECTS (05/04/11 - vanilla) - Four maps that otherwise didn't make it into a couple of different projects, but I later inserted these into Doom Core in the form of MAP25-27, 29.

Marine's Folly (06/21/11 - vanilla) - A simple collaboration map between myself and Mr. Chris. We just kind of sent it back and forth and added areas and such until it was finished.

Doom Core (09/06/11 - vanilla) - My first megawad of 32 maps; this was originally released in early July, but later had to make a fix that concerned getting 100% on one of the levels. Not much playtesting went into this mapset (not as much as I had hoped anyway) so it surprises me that it holds up well enough for people to tell me they quite enjoyed this mapset. Probably my most obscured effort in terms of varying styles, but mostly a classic style that takes inspiration from Doom 2 and Plutonia.

Reverie (11/15/11 - vanilla) - My second megawad, this time much more polished than Doom Core. It's another that takes inspiration from classics like Memento Mori and Requiem. This one actually has a unique soundtrack thanks to John Weekley, James Paddock and Stuart Rynn.

October (12/14/11 - limit-removing) - Even though this was placed under ports, my two levels in this are vanilla compatible. I created MAP04 and MAP05 - for Phobosdeimos1 (RIP) and purist's birthdays specifically.


Eternally Yours (03/18/12 - vanilla) - My personal favorite work of mine, for sure. An episode of 11 maps for Doom 2 in vanilla format. Most every map is a good medium size (save for MAP08) and I felt this was much more manageable all around. Everything down to the texturing, layout and atmosphere is exactly the way I like it to be. I don't hear very much about this one so it always interests me to hear from people who played and enjoyed it, as I really do think this is my single greatest work.


Interception (01/16/13 - vanilla) - I did MAP05 (Dangerous Curves), MAP11 (The Ocean Outpost), MAP18 (The City of Burning Sulfur), MAP24 (Bloody Castle w/C30N9) and MAP32 (The Cataclysm). Posting fixed version from Doomshack.org as given permission from the project leader. I greatly enjoyed contributing to this megawad, and even though this is a 2013 release, I believe my maps came from the second-half of 2011.

Dance The Cyborg (04/23/13 - vanilla) - A birthday map I made for Rizera (who at the time was known as 1ntru).

Mountain Gorge (04/25/13 - vanilla) - An older map from Reverie's development that I decided to combine with a few other unfinished levels in a semi-slaughter-type setting.

An Idgames Troll Walks Into A Bar... (05/02/13 - vanilla) - Not my best work, by any means, but a simple city-type level I made in my post-activity.

Super Mario 8-Bit (05/12/13 - limit-removing) - Just a silly map I made with an 8-bit Mario layout and some intense action.

Unholy Realms (12/15/13 - limit-removing) - I worked together with DeathevocatioN on MAP31 (Destructive Infinity) not knowing it was going to be a part of this megawad, which is pretty cool. For a simple map this was very hard to make, since this was also developed in my post-activity sometime around February 2012 or so.


Vispire (03/22/16 - vanilla) - A collection of 17 speedmaps I created over the years. Maps 01-12 were made over the course of 10 days in late May 2013; whereas maps 13-17 were made in 2015/2016 respectively.

Eternal Mansion (06/07/16 - vanilla) - A re-texture of Metal Mansion from Reverie to play like an Eternal Doom level.

StarCove - A Tribute To Ty Halderman (06/30/16 - vanilla) - A map replacement for Icarus that pays tribute to Ty Halderman and contains homages to some of his works in Icarus/TNT.

Pulse (07/28/16 - vanilla) - A compilation of my earliest/oldest maps I put together in 2013 and only recently decided to release on Idgames. Contains some Doom Core rejects (some of my oldest maps) a couple CC4 rejects and some other experiments.

Chip The Wolf (08/11/16 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - My first player skin as well as my first non-Doom level upload to Idgames. It's the cereal mascot of Cookie Crisp now playable in Doom.

Wolf O'Donnell (08/14/16 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - Another player skin - this time for Wolf O'Donnell of Star Wolf. I actually made this back in January as just replacing Doomguy's sprites but only recently made it into a player skin and decided to release it as-is. My motivation came from Wolf being rejected as one of the returning characters in the latest Smash Bros. so I thought it'd be fun to put him in Doom instead.

Absolute Dishonor (09/15/16 - vanilla) - An 8-level WAD from both me and Jon "40oz" Vail - we created 4 levels each and put them together right here in a rather smallish vanilla episode. First time I've collaborated with someone for a project such as this, and I had a lot more fun with it as a result.

Kamikaze Suicidal (10/30/16 - vanilla) - A MAP22 replacement for The Plutonia Experiment - it's somewhat of a sequel to my Suicide Mission map from Plutonia Revisited as well. It's a large map that should work under vanilla and was also inspired from the likes of the original Plutonia MAP22 and Plutonia 2.




TNT: Revilution (05/28/17 - vanilla) - A couple maps made it into this one - MAP31 (Anubis) and MAP24 (Redrum). Anubis was made while working on Reverie in late February/early March 2011, and it was originally going to be in TNT2 until I found it had been rejected some years later for feeling too similar to Pharoah from the original TNT. I was glad to see it would get a slot in Revilution cause it would be a shame to have to upload a single level that only few would probably ever bother to download. On the other side of this project I had an unexpected Doom surge in 2016 and found that Revilution needed some more map slots filled, so I decided to take up on one of the later slots and make something that was between being smallish or medium in size, only to end up with something much larger than I had intended it to be. That seemed to be a trend of mine during 2016 which permeated some of Absolute Dishonor's later maps as well.


Shadow Marine (07/25/17 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - Really it's, "Shadow Doom Marine" but I didn't name it as such for some reason. Another player skin I made of a shadow version of the Doom Marine without being a full-on silhouette.


Oceanside (09/13/17 - limit-removing) - 3-level WAD based on my old home in Oceanside, California. MAP01 is the old condo home we lived in, MAP02 is an old school and park we went to growing up, and MAP03 is just an all-new map I wanted to make. It also has a MAP04 which acts as an ending for the set. Really love how the sky texture and overall atmosphere came out for this WAD.


Lunar from Mischief Makers (10/25/17 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - A player skin I put together of Lunar's sprites from the N64 game Mischief Makers, with some edits to work with the shooting animation and rotation.


Rebel Sky (10/28/17 - vanilla) - A difficult puzzle map for vanilla Doom 2 inspired from Eternal Doom.


Solid Snake (11/14/17 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - Solid Snake player skin for source ports that allow it.


Ray Poward (11/17/17 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - Ray Poward from the PlayStation game Contra: Legacy of War converted into a player skin for source ports that allow skins.


TNT: Resistance (12/17/17 - vanilla) - An 8-level vanilla mapset for the TNT IWAD. I created four maps - MAP01: Dynamite, MAP03: Expressive Overload, MAP04: Algorithm For Chaos and MAP08: Redemption Reloaded. I also made a small credits map to close off the set, but the other maps were created by various authors.


Contra 3 skins (12/25/17 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - The commandos from Contra III now available as player skins for Doom/Doom2.




Juno From Jet Force Gemini (01/16/17 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - Player skin of Juno from the N64 Rareware title Jet Force Gemini. Recorded footage of Juno and cut frames out to make the sprites - also colored green so players can change the color of his appearance.


Doom Core Trilogy (01/30/18 - ZDoom) - Doom Core, Reverie and Eternally Yours updated into a 3-episode WAD for ZDoom using MAPINFO, totaling up to 77 maps.


Terrace View (01/30/18 - vanilla) - A single map for Doom 2, based on the second map I ever made which I never finished, which was supposed to be the old residence we had when we lived in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.


Circle of Caina (05/01/18 - limit-removing) - A single map contribution for a project hosted on Doomer Boards called The Stairway (MAP04). The wrong music track was chosen for my level so I had to upload a link to a fixed version on Doomshack.org.


Forest Swords (06/12/18 - limit-removing) - Another single map for the following Doomer Boards project I called The Chapel (MAP08). This map was such a pain to constantly test over and over, and I was left dissatisfied given how open the environment was and how challenging it would be to try and make things a little more difficult. Probably one of the lesser maps I've made in recent times, sorry to say.


Default Contra skins (08/12/18 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - Basically the Contra 3 player skins again, only with the default "green" outlook so the colors can be adjusted accordingly to make for more variety than the regular blue and red.


valkskins2 (08/12/18 - ZDoom/ZDaemon/etc.) - All of the previously released skins altogether in one place.

Edited by valkiriforce

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Doomkid said:

Deathmatch Revival. I actually started this in '13, the goal was to get fresh faces and old veterans alike together for some FFA goodness. It turned out to have a 50/50 mix of good and bad, and is completely overshadowed by things like 32-in-24. If it wasn't for The_Miano's help, it might not have ever been released, but I'm glad it was finished despite mixed reviews.

It is my honor to have helped you finish the DMR project Doomkid. I do wish it got more recognition and better reviews, but I enjoyed compiling it. I learned a lot from the leading the project. Seeing other people's mapping abilities has helped me improve my mapping skills. DMR was the project that brought me into the Doomworld community.

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It's been a rocky road ..... but much smoother after 2008 and hopefully as smooth as silk from 2016 onwards.

1996 to 2001

- The Twilight Zone
- The Twilight Zone 2: Final Dreams
- Death Tormention (9 maps)
- Death Tormention 2 (10 maps)
- Verada
- Big Boy (made in 1997)
- PC_WOLF (4 maps)
- Toxin Refinery Remake
- 10 Sectors Part 2 (4 maps)
- 2001 a DM odyssey
- Candy Choppers (Heretic)

Note: No releases in 2000 as I was working on 2002ado, adjusting to new challenges and writing lots of music.

2002, 2003

- 2002ado (17 maps)
- 0scraps
- Spacia: A Silly DOOM Space Daventure (22 maps) [jokewad]
- Mad Stuff For Doom 2 [jokewad]

2004, 2005

- Sedna 1 (intended for Doom Millennium)
- Train Station
- Foghorn [jokewad]
- Simply Phobos (9 maps)
- 000 Emergency
- Death Tormention 3 (5 maps)

2006, 2007

- The New Adventure [jokewad]
- Spaceship 1024
- Go To Hell
- Fortress 1024
- Hell Keep Remake
- Midnight Island
- Lucifer's Spell
- Didac's Revenge
- 1 Monster - MAP21
- Community Chest 3 - MAP09
- Also a few other useless jokewads that gave me a bad name and I really want to forget about that time when I had serious designers block back then.


Spent most of the year working on WOS but released these:
- WolfenDoomed
- Technician's Base


- Claustrophobia 1024, MAP08, MAp11
- Selfish Series
- Whispers of Satan(25 maps)
- Processing Bunker (intended to be a replacement for MAP06 of WOS)


- Deimos Entry


- Paul's Deathmatch (32 maps)
- Doom 2 Unleased Pcorf Community Project, MAP01, MAP15


- DTWiD: E3M5
- The Infested Hideout
- 2002ad10 E3M5, E4M1
- Community Chest 4, MAP27
- Subdivisiion
- Doomworld Mega Project 2012 - Memang


- Botero's Mansion
- The Great Urban Battle
- Zone 300 (33 maps)
- 32in24-13 MAP30
- Doomworld Mega Project 2013 - Visation


- WOOO 2 (3 maps) [jokewad]
- The Combat Base
- Incineration (E3M1 to E3M9)
- Doomworld Mega Project 2014 - Gabiro Petiatis


- April Fools STARTAN Maps of Any Quality, MAP01: The Real Whispers of STARTAN
- Doomed Space Wars (22 maps)
- 2048 Unleashed Pcorf Community Project 2, MAP12, MAP22, MAP33, MAP49
- Doomworld Mega Project 2015 - Spaceswitch 2 (released???, might consider stand alone release)
- 5 Rooms of Doom - MAP32


- Mayhem 1500, MAP08 (created in 2015)


- Mayhem '16: Juneheim: Klockwerk (might consider a stand alone release but only if the project does not regain momentum)
- Many of my early experimental maps, but some may be tuned up like for example Hitler's Theatre a secret level in Doomed Space Wars.

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FRADM1 (Zdoom) - My real first project, with custom textures and GFX that I made... But I finally decided to upload this in /idgames in 2015.


PRCP - map08 (Vanilla) - My first vanilla map for a community project. It was a torture to avoid HOMs and VPOs, but now, I love to thwart the constraints of vanilla.


3 Heures d'Agonie - some maps (Vanilla) - Some speedmapping maps that I made in 3 hours.

Interception - map14 or 16... I don't remember. (Vanilla) - I created a big classic map for this project, it was rather a map to test a new style of mapping (curved layout).


3 Heures d'Agonie II - some maps (Vanilla) - Some speedmapping maps that I made in 3 hours.

Muskadet (Vanilla) - One big classic map. Centred on the exploration.


Swift Death - megawad (Boom) - I had begun this project in 2010, but it's only in 2015 that I decided to release this wad. Swift Death contains specially speedmapping maps, extremly hard, with some tricks.

Plutocracy (Limit Removing) - A medium/big Plutonia map.

Pcorf community project 2 - Hum, it's not the map12 :P... I don't know. (Limit Removing) - A 2048x2048 map.


Since 2007

Necromantic Thirst. This project containts probably my biggest maps in Boom format.

Since 2008

Cybernity. A classic mapset. It contains only some medium maps.

Since 2013

Bellatrix. A vanilla classic mapset.


Since 2015

3 Heures d'Agonie III. Some maps I made in speedmapping.


Since 2016


Among these wip projects, some of them will release this year.

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Oh wow look at that first list I made. Goes to show how productive I was in the last couple of years. The mapping output is still dire, and with everyone seemingly able to make nice-looking stuff with ease nowadays, my maps don't have anything else going for them ;-;


The music list on the other hand is looking much healthier. Probably just as well, since I'm apparently approaching six years here.

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Might as well contribute mine, even though my work is nowhere near as good as some of the others' here.



  • Prayers of Armageddon - My first ever serious (and publicly released) mapping effort. It contains 33 maps and was made in about 9 months. Play at your own risk.


  • Hell's Asylum - One of my personal favorites as far as gameplay goes. Made for ZDoom, ACS scripting is utilized extensively here. Level design is nothing to write home about, though.
  • Stana Prkle - A spiritual successor to the above. 'Nuff said.



  • Bleeding Skies - A 6-map, 3-episode GZDoom mapset inspired by TUTNT. For the effort I put into writing anything resembling a story, the rest of it is embarrassingly sub-par.
  • DooM20.wad - This should be self-explanatory.
  • The Root of Madness - The idea behind this one was to create a map with a gameplay style similar to Hell's Asylum while reusing map design elements from Prayers of Armageddon. The job itself may have been done somewhat haphazardly, but I'm still somewhat proud of this one.


  • The Stars of Styx - Inspired by Swim with the Whales, this 3-level mapset for ZDoom has a lot of blue in it. There are a few level design elements I'm quite proud of, but otherwise, nothing amazing.
  • I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran: Coop Edition - Literally just a coop-friendly version of I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran. Includes nothing extra.
  • mfg_e1m1.wad - My first vanilla map since Prayers of Armageddon, this one, as the name implies, is a remake of E1M1. Somehow.
  • Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation - A recreation of Prayers of Armageddon. Not much improved, in all honesty.


  • MFG38's Unreleased Abominations - A set of two previously unreleased maps. The first one became MAP01 of Prayers of Armageddon (with some modifications), and the second one is a jokewad-esque collaboration with a friend. At least it lives up to its name.
  • MFG38's Deathmatch Map Pack - Two small vanilla deathmatch maps. Yes, only two. Chances are I'll make more sometime, though. Not my best work by any means, but it was a fun deviation from my usual repertoire at the very least.


  • Deliverance 2600 - Easily my personal favorite work. This is a Metroidvania-inspired total conversion for GZDoom that I spent a whopping two years putting together - almost everything here was made by me, myself and I.

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2 hours ago, Catpho said:

So cause Rdwpa for some reason wont list their stuff(and cause i think they are cool),so here is a list(in no particular order):





-Blank space


-MAP17: John Suitepee Deleted All the Revenants(JOM2)

-Forbidden Grove(dmp2016)

-Csonicgo birthday map

-MAP18: Library of Horrors(JOM3)

-Cereal killer map(project itself is wip)

-MAP08: Under the Stars(texture extravaganza)

-Mucus Membrane

And lots more cool wads that are probably somewhere on doomworld,and those doomworld mega club threads.


Rd also made a bday map for me; turned out fun!



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1 minute ago, Fonze said:

Rd also made a bday map for me; turned out fun!



Thanks for telling me :)

Damn,its been a long time since a rdwpa release :(

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Too long since I've played one, but I believe he just made 2 or 3 maps recently, including one in the recent 1 hour speedmap thread, iirc.

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Not sure why this thread was bumped when there's a newer version here: 

Although that's also a bit out-of-date for some people. The presentation seems to be a bit better in this thread.

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1995 - Cabal, Doom II The Master Levels, Deadlock

1996 - Eternal Doom

2013 - Plasmaplant

2015 - Five Rooms of Doom

2016 - Echelon


I've also made a myhouse.wad for a friend's house (a spider mastermind 'the car' in the garage, each member of our D&D group an individual monster in the living room) and turned in a wad depicting campus as an "art project" during my 1st (and only) year at Bristol's UWE, neither completely playable nor remaining in anything but organic memory.




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I enjoy the personal doom sites/blogs that a few users here have. I threw something similar together awhile back cataloging my non-community-project doom stuff: http://rbkz.net/doom/


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