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How to set Lives?

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Hello! I am going to play GZDOOM co-op with a bunch of my friends, but it seems no matter what i do we have unlimited respawns. I've spent hours combing through google and all I've found remotely close is the SV_NORESPAWN command. Even back when I was using doom seeker the "Max Lives" box changed absolutely nothing.
Thx in advance!

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Not sure how exactly, but the keyword you need to look for is "Survival". That's the name of a game mode which is exactly like coop but with limited lives.

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GZDoom allows ACS scripts yeah?

It may be tedious but if you make a working script you could simply copy and paste it into any map you want to play, if your friends are happy to download a duplicate of each map.

I have lots to learn myself so unfortunately I can't give you an example. But I would begin by trying to give every Player Spawn a tid and set a script to count every death until a limit has been reached. Once the number is reached the script may delete the player spawn or maybe move them in an enclosed room.

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