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So I reviewed a video game on video...

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I don't really go out of my way to watch these sort of videos, but then again I tend to watch Jimquisition a fair bit.

Some feedback and personal recommendations:
1. Try keep the camera steady when you're talking
2. Talk a bit slower, your accent sometimes requires a little more time for me to process
3. Saying Crash 'Motherfucking' Bandicoot all the time feels a little forced. As if you were trying to say it in a humorous tone but it just sounds flat and unnecessary to me.
4. I believe some brief facts and maybe a interesting 'did you know' story about the game can add some value to the video and the series. Basically it won't just be about hearing your opinion, you would also teach us some cool facts backed with fun stories

What I like:
- Good Editing Work
- Content is sufficient
- Nice choice of game
- Cool Doom Shirt

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Holy shit you look a lot like me. Same hair color, similar face. I have that Doom shirt as well. If you had shorter hair we'd be almost twins lol. Kind of weird. In any case, I thought that was a good review. I don't know much about the game so I won't comment on how to improve the review since I don't really know.

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Chezza said:

1. Try keep the camera steady when you're talking

I'll let my cameraman know about this next time I meet up with him.

That aside, thanks for your feedback.

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