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Editable RandomSpawner chance

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I've made myself a .pk3 containing almost all the monsters from Realm 667. The default Doom monsters are replaced with randomspawners that spawn the additionals. It works great. However, I'd like for the player to be able to modify the spawn chances of the different monsters using a menu. I am trying to use ACS and cvars to replace the spawn chance value in the randomspawners but it's not working. Is there any possible way to go about doing this? Or does the spawner have to be completely ACS based?

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As you know, randomspawners use the DropItem list for their spawns, and like most properties its parameters aren't dynamic. At the moment what you want to do isn't possible.

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^ What Gez said. So, you would need to recreate the random-selection logic via ACS - which should be possible for sure, actually.

Or you can try a simplified approach: Create several different Spawner actors, each with its own spawn chance properties, and make it so that only one of them will appear in the map (placed via ACS) based on some CVAR(s) - this will only let the player choose one "mode" out of a finite number of predefined ones, though.

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