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HELP: WAD DB extensive search

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Does anyone know of a good Doom WAD database with advanced/extensive search/filter options... and maybe browse by overview map layout?

I know there are plenty of WAD DBs out there, but a lot of them are just not extensive searchable enough.

I am looking for a Doom 2 deathmatch WAD, which has a BFG in the middle on a small pillar, large room.. .and the room is surrounded by a corridors.

The filename was called fukmybfg.wad

I've been googling this for the past 7 years and still no google matches at all!!!
So it could've been renamed....

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Or it's lost, deathmatch maps tend to be hosted on non-permanent servers instead of the idgames archive.

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http://www.wad-archive.com/ is a website where you can filter your search results by several different options and you can even combine the filters. It also contains a screenshot for every(?) WAD/map as well as the automap.

I feel like many WADs could possibly fit your description and it's going to be hard for someone else to find it. This one kind of agrees with what you described but I suppose you'd mention the crusher if this was actually the correct WAD.

As Gez said, if you weren't able to find this WAD for 7 years, chances are it isn't available anywhere at the internet anymore, maybe only long forgotten on someone's hard disk.

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Thanks guys for the reply! (hmm, I thought I had email notification on - otherwise would've seen this sooner).

Still no luck, can't find, not even that one you suggested, but good try....


Will still try and find... maybe even recreate it from memory.

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