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free album 1 of 12

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I guess this falls under the category of everything else. I would have posted it in another since its purpose is to offer 12 albums of free music to all beings wishing to use anything in their multimedia projects.

I've been a doomer for two decades, but haven't released anything in 15 years. I do have plans I may or may not do, but all of my old music, such as the fifth album antagonists which would provide the best tracks for this purpose, will be free one album at a time this year (maybe one per month who knows) and all I request is credit: My name is Jerry Lehr Jr
email: jlehrjr6981@gmail.com
I want to see your final product or a demo :)

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the whole thing is free, and streams in full from the website, just click download and name your price. That means, $0.00 unless you'd like to donate to one in the future.


Edit: UNLESS you mean the other stuff. In that case... http://www.delehrious.net/erebus

Edit2: If you listened to the above or below, let me know what you think

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