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GZDoom - Weird Graphical Issue

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On the newer git versions of GZDoom needed to play wads like Blade of Agony, I'm having a strange problem. All graphics on the screen seem to shift right and left really fast when I'm strafing or mouse turning/looking. At first I thought it was a v-sync issue, but it's definitely not. Looks almost like frame stutter. It only happens on BoA. It's totally fine on Doom 1 or 2 or wads like BtSX.

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

Try to update your graphics card driver, use the next site to do so :

Why anyone would go to some sketchy ass site instead of the card manufacturer's to update their drivers is beyond me.

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It only really happens in BoA so it's not a huge deal. I've noticed it to a lesser extent in Project Brutality, which totally goes away if I'm using an older version of GZDoom. Oh well, might be a one off thing.

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Yeah.. I've seen some weird shit happen in dev builds. Like everything being tinted blue while models' texture colors flip out around dynamic lights, or one where walking on scrolling floors made the player move at a million miles an hour. In short, if something really weird happens out of nowhere either roll back or wait for the next build

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