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SCBL : How tf do i beat sadiq ?

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Just like the title says, if anyone here is still playing Splinter Cell : Blacklist, i've reached what i think is the Final boss of the game, none of the videos on Youtube helped me to find out the way to capture him, beat him or whatever, each time i grab him from the back he kicks my ass and runs away, and comes back just few seconds after .

I Tried to press the activate key each time it tells me, but i always end up stabbed on my neck, How the hell do i kill this freak ?

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Is there any ineractables in the environment to fight the boss? Or do you have any special close combat skills or abilities you can use on him?

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All i know is that i have to take cover using shadows so that he doesn't see me, Until i reach his back and attack him, that's not the problem actually, the real problem is how do i Prevent him from stabbing me , Which keys should i press during the fight and how do i press them :( .

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Doominator2 said:

You beat him by playing chaos theory

Nah, i finished this one years ago and i still don't understand why did that Commander (10th mission) attempted to suicide .

Now since i've finished BL and CT, i might get conviction soon and see how good is it ;) .

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