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Romero Makes New Map, World Rejoices

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T-Rex said:

Yeah, John Romero only did 6 maps for Doom 2: Maps 11, 15, 17, 20, 26, and 29.

Oh I quite liked Map 15 and 20! Not surprised about Map 29, that can make me his bitch.

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Hellbent said:

And John was the Master mind.

The Father of Doom, as I like to refer to him as.

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I loaded it up on HMP and got killed early on, partly due to not knowing the cracks in the ground could kill me. I restarted on HNTR and beat the starting area only to find myself drowning in medkits.

So I reloaded on HMP, was careful around the cracks and beat the level.

I thought it was fun, but felt too cramped and random in places. The portal area by the end looked pretty cool, although the boss battle felt easier than that initial battle at the start. It didn't really feel like a boss fight, though. Perhaps because the approach to that area was pretty instantaneous.

Indoor areas looked alright, but the outdoor areas looked too simple. The dark lift area with a brightly lit box of rockets was scary in a way I liked.

An okay level, but nothing special. But as he says in the text file, he's just warming up.

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