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Skulltag invasion on DOOM 3

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So, if you like hardcore DOOM and our DOOM 1 on id tech 4, come and see my little progress in building arena to test gameplay for that mod: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/85437-doom-remake-for-idtech4/

This will be my testground for guns and monsters for DOOM 1 on id tech 4 :)
I decide to bring to live on DOOM 3 engine one of my favorite map from skulltag D2INV5!

Here are progress:

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This looks really cool, but I've noticed a lot of texture stretching in your screenshot there.
I know it's just a work in progress, but fixing the texture stretching is key to making it feel like DOOM.

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Textures strech happend on DOOM 3 curves/patch, they are already fixed, but still don't look perfect :/
But :D this is only testground map - the key in here will be gameplay! :D

EDIT: little update:

Next update:

and a bit time later:

main room brush ready

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