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Stardate 20x7 [/idgames]

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So uh, I think I've found a bug in "The Other Side". Linedef 174 is marked as "S1 Teleport (also monsters)". Every single time I tried playing through the map (on HTNR difficulty), by the time I made it to the teleport switch, it'd already been triggered by a wayward Cacodemon and was unusable as a result, making the level unwinnable.


I tried playing both on Zdoom 2.8.1 (default compatibility settings) and prBoom -complevel 9, and the bug appeared in both source ports.


EDIT: So I sat down and recorded a pr -cl 9 demo showing the bug. Actually, it doesn't always trigger; it took me three attempts (I played more or less the same way each time) to record a demo where the bug occurs.


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