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BACULUS: 2020 WAD Overhaul

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3 hours ago, Crunchynut44 said:

Hey everyone.


After all these years I have finally given this project a MAJOR overhaul. Nearly every single level has been changed in some way for the better, whether its a a small area being changed to an entire map being replaced, Baculus should play very very fresh if you've ever played it before. Most noticeably will be how less grindy I have made it, you'll see a lot more weaponry and ammo early on.


I don't think much of this project, but I hope you guys do. I hope you enjoy where Baculus as is it in 2020!


See DL link in description. Thanks!




PS. I always have wanted to respond to all these amazing comments, but I don]t really like taking control of the first page in Wads and Mods as there are all sorts of projects you can miss with these kinds of threads taking over. However I can't thank you guys enough for the support.

Whoa, pal! Just out of nowhere!

Great! i loved it backthen, and surely this new version will be better.

And how do you not think on this one? Its an amazing work, pal! @Noiser liked it soo much he uses it as one of the main wads distributed along D4V.

And don't worry about taking over the first page, quality wads should have always their spot there.

I will try to give you feedback on this one as soon as i can so you can finally upload it to /idgames.


Cheers, Crunchy!

If people support your project its because it is really good!


Keep at it, pal!


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3 hours ago, P41R47 said:

Hey @Crunchynut44
Chocolate and DoomRetro this gives me the following error since startup:


Ahh shit, I knew I shouldn't have messed around in slade before I posted this. Easy fix though, ill re upload it when I get home from work. Thanks for the feedback!

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Awesome. I had an absolute blast with Baculus the first time through. I did find ammo fairly stingy at times, so I'm looking forward to the improvements!

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I started this up today after having played the previous version several months ago (but not all the way through). I really like this so far. It manages to fold in some good detailing and interesting visual variety while retaining that classic abstract-style theme and layout. The gameplay has been pretty interesting so far and I'll be eager to see how it progresses as I get further into the WAD. Really enjoying myself so far!

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I've been playing on ultra-violence and I'm up to map 20 playing with Crispy Doom. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a megawad.

Crunchynut44, the overall design of the maps I've played so far are very consistent in quality. Whenever I'm about to run out of ammo in my arsenal, I find a box of shotgun shells. Levels never seem boxy. Freedom of movement during tight encounters. It's a mentally engaging megawad. Enjoyable.

I ran into a major bug in map 19 and a couple nitpicks. I'll be sure to report further bugs if i find any.


map19. i tried to open the red skull columns with the wooden switch panel and all the sectors tagged 0 opened as a red door. Making the map impossible to complete.
These two linedefs are the culprits.
map16. Weird 3d floor. Minor visual bug.
map15. Evil floating candle or misplaced thing?


Edited by Swalzi

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Baculus is an outstanding solid megawad and I'm psyched to try out the overhaul.

Played the first two maps. And my thoughts so far. 2nd map is pretty much what I would of expected from an overhaul but what happened to map01 Breach? It's a completely different map and there is nothing memorable about the opening shot anymore. That spiral staircase with the tech pillar in the middle and the windows to the yellow sky was such a cool introduction. Now we just see a wall :( I personally like the old map01 way better. It felt more dynamic and had plenty of room to maneuver. This new replacement feels a bit cramped imo.

Definitely glad to see this overhaul though. Thank you!

P.S.: There still seems to be a texture error.


Unknown patch 'S3DUMMY' in textures 'S3DUMMY'



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@Crunchynut44 I think this is a FANTASTIC megawad. Very much on par with other "vanilla" greats like Jenesis and (more recently) Moonblood.


One odd thing I've noticed... decals are left on pretty much everything, including waterfalls and other animated backgrounds. So you can literally leave bullet holes on a waterfall. Anyone have any idea why this would happen?


I tried other megawads in the same sourceport (GZDoom with software rendering) with the same settings and didn't have this issue. Very bizarre! I wonder if it has to do with the re-colorings you've done (on blood, liquids, etc)?


Great work, though. I can't wait for the final version to come out!

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Hey, been playing this for a while, great job by the way. Though there seems to be a problem with MAP16. For some reason it only seems to run properly in Crispy Doom, not even PrBoom+ or Woof seem to run it properly. PrBoom+ gives me the error "R_InitTextures: 1 errors" and Woof will launch but has some CRAZY HOMs literally everywhere. Also running the WAD with Sprinkled Doom (Chocolate w/ raised limits) gives the error "R_InitTextures: Missing Patch in texture S3DUMMY". While I'm at it, I'd also add that there are multiple MIDIs (including MAP16's) that go over the 64kb limit, which causes them not to play at all in limit-raising executable hacks like DOOM32.


This is a fantastic WAD otherwise, it'd be a shame to limit its usability with these little errors.

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