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simple as hell [wip]

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simple as hell is a ultimate doom megawad I'm slowly (emphasis on slowly) working on. it currently has 6 maps completed. I will post more info as I progress.

the goal of this mapset is to do as much as I can with as little as possible -- in other words I want good looking playable maps with as few linedefs & visplanes as possible (it will also be vanilla compatible)

I'm very flaky when it comes to mapping, I will go months at a time without touching anything. I may even abandon this project entirely, but the fact that I have 6 maps done makes me think otherwise. just be warned I probably won't update this very often unless I get a sudden surge of inspiration.

I will upload each episode for testing as I finish them

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I think if you release an episode for the Doom community to play you may gauge some interest. Get yourself some feedback, suggestions and good old compliments and your motivation may get a boost.

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