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Comatose (Overdose 2)

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This map originally has been made for "Pain" project, but in the result I decided to cut it from there because of some reasons (which I cannot say yet).
It is a continuation of the idea of "Overdose", but it's not related in terms of the story.
A limit of sidedefs in LR format is achieved here, so it is not possible to draw at least one new line at all.
Because of this, as well as the abundance of large open spaces with lots of sectors, map may slow down in complex sourceports like ZDoom and it's derivatives, so PrBoom-Plus is HIGHLY recommended. The biggest performance (in terms of FPS) will be in GLBoom-Plus. Also, complevel 2 is necessary. Have a great game.

Let's play videos are welcome. =)

Maps: MAP01
Format/engine: Limit Removing, prBoom+ is minimum (max. FPS in glBoom+)
Iwad: doom2.wad
Complevel: 2


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Wow.. excellent map, really enormous. I was dubious of the see-through monsters at first but they really add to the weird atmosphere. Its very eerie, I almost wish it had darker lighting or fog, but that would make the enemies impossible to see so maybe not.

I spent well over an hour here, found all 3 keys but only 4 out of 20-odd secrets. Reminds me of Bloody Steel a bit with the vast sprawling realism. Even cigarette butts on the ground (don't see many of those these days in the real world.)

Cool stuff. If people like massive sandboxy exploration with fairly low key fighting and atmosphere then check this out.

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To be honest, I wanted Lainos to make a Silent Hill-type of wad: a town with different locations, mystical presence on town's streets, enemies & monsters, puzzles, final boss and good storyline. Hope someday he will do that - he's definetely a potential for it :)

First time I played Comatose, I did not search for secrets - was busy looking around and exploring the territory. But still, it's atmosphere is amazing - especially if to remember that this is not ZDoom-wad. Also, seems to me that some thing here have some kind of a more deeper meaning... hence, probably the name "Comatose"...

mouldy said:

Even cigarette butts on the ground (don't see many of those these days in the real world.)

Well... we see them, quite often :)

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Here's a 1 hour and half fda if you care to watch it. Actually 2 times I had to pause the registration as I had to go afk for a while, I hope it doesn't desync or something.
This is a masterpiece in the visuals and atmosphere, and the "invisible" enemies fit very well in the map.

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awe-inspiring visuals here! I've been flying around for awhile now just appreciating all the little details you put into this.

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Segmented FDA in 3 files: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1546107

1 death, exit in 42 minutes, then continued for 100% attempt and exited in 1hr 40min. Found all but 2 monsters and 2 secrets.

Well, that's certainly an interesting gimmick. At first I loved it, then I gradually grew to hate it and by the end I liked it again. The atmosphere is thick enough to cut with a knife and the map is super-gorgeous, but it goes a bit too far, imo. The Silent Hill-like grainy bleached visuals hide the monsters far too well, so the city streets are as dangerous as the foliage.

The initial struggle for survival was right up my alley, I really enjoyed dancing among monsters with low health and ammo, but when I finally got some heavier ordnance, the "pop-up" nature of the fights became more apparent and it started grating on my nerves. That culminated with a pair of chaingunners ambushing me in a dark house. That was just evil. I survived, but I was swearing loudly and it made me bump the gamma to eye-searing levels. Too bad, because not long afterwards I nearly facedived into a strolling mancubus in the middle of a street, who fed me an entire burst from close range while I was still figuring out what's going on.

After that I was utterly pissed off and I nearly exploded with rage when I managed to find the exit... and jump into it with just one key, what the heck! I know it's intentional progression, but at 50% of monsters killed and roughly the same amount of map unexplored, I felt cheated... I just got equipped for proper fight! I did reload and continued to wander the map in search for secrets and kills for another one hour and I eventually found my calm again. The entire northern section was charming and even though difficulty dropped, I found myself enjoying it much more than the "in-yo-face" frustrating central area.

Overall, it's fun and it's gorgeous, but it's also very much an acquired taste and the gameplay is often more frustrating than Xaser's dead.wire, which is quite something, given that his final fight features a pair of invisible cyberdemons, heh. Despite those flaws, I'm glad you made the map. The one death in the first segment comes via my complete loss of attention, serves me right, heh.

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Outstanding atmosphere. I've been to Slovakia (my wife is Slovak) and I just love how this map feels like any average small town in any former-Soviet state. Having all enemies as 'ghosts' really changes the whole style of gameplay and I'm a fan of it, though there isn't really enough monsters in general given the size of the map. The secrets are very, very difficult to hunt down -- I'm not sure anybody has claimed to find them all. I think most players end up walking around endlessly for hours trying to track down secrets but they're just too difficult; the number of hours required scouring every inch vs. the rewards soon reach a loss after about 12 secrets. By that time you've emptied the map of threats and it's just a slow slog going over areas again.


If this map could be improved it would be to have new waves of enemies appear throughout as you unlock areas and discover secrets.


Outstanding work and congrats on the Cacowards.

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