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Using WFALL for more animated stuff

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The WFALL textures were not present in original Doom or Doom 2, though the vanilla Doom engine does animate it.

That makes it perfect for Freedoom to use for extra animated textures (similar to what TNT Evilution did).

Pwads for Doom / Doom 2 will not be affected, since if they used WFALL textures they would also have to include them in their wad (or their texture wad) which will naturally override the Freedoom ones.

Some ideas for extra animations:
- a lava fall texture
- a spinning fan
- a wall torch with a flickering flame
- water and blood dripping down

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Since the waterfalls were never really an "official" texture due to being cut, this is something possibly worth considering. PWADs are likely to provide their own waterfall.

MrFlibble said:

I don't remember if any of the maps actually use those though.

Not sure how you could've missed that, it's right there in MAP01.

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By the way, I noticed that SWATER1..4 is a unused flat animation supported by the vanilla DOOM engine.

Freedoom could use it for something -- we probably have enough liquids, so maybe something like a spinning cog or active computer panel.

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