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Glenn Frey Dies

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walter confalonieri said:

What's with this year? A famous people death pandemy?

It happens every year, pretty sure I remember a bunch of threads like January 2015.

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Salute, Bucket

Good to see them ole boys still playing music, even if 9 years ago. I'd love to see them play in person before they go.

I must be getting old because I look at concerts with them old guys that don't even stand anymore as they play and want to be there more than, say, Slipknot concerts where they're peeing on each others drums, climbing giant speakers and crowd surfing and shit. Must be the real music coming out of these guys.

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Wow, this chain of awesome famous old people dying needs to stop for more than like 5 minutes. Another tragic loss..

LittleInferno said:


What kind of response is this?

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