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Doom Connector Archive (Memorial Thread, old EXEs and screenshots)

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On 2/17/2018 at 1:14 PM, beatdown said:

I used to play on Doom Connector quite regularly back in 2003-2004. I used to play as sYk0 or sYk0_frEak and was briefly in a clan with Da_Maniac.


I remember many a good DM session with Da_Maniac, his brother, and his dad, playing the wad they/we had made called Certain Death I think?

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Hey fellas, with the recent shutdown of the latest DC revival attempt, I've decided to turn this old thread into a semi-official Doom Connector archive.


All that really means is that I found just about every surviving screenshot from the old days that I could and put them all in one place. I also found a fuckton of old DC-related threads here on Doomworld from 2001 onward months ago, which are linked in the OP.


I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the final attempt to get DC off the ground, sadly.. I know a lot of people put work into it, but I just don't see a market for it in the current Doom climate, or the post-2010 world in general. As much as I wish that wasn't the case.


Anyway, if you're one of the 6 or 7 remaining Doom Connector alums in the community, this might be fun for you. If you're new, it's just a slice of old internet history, showing mainly what decade-before-last was like online.


Naturally, if there are any other old DC crumbs lying around, please do post them.



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I have to agree, unfortunately. With basically everybody having moved on I just don't see Doom Connector as really worth all the work anymore.. ever since CodeImp left the project and DC went through an identity crisis between becoming Skulltag Online, Player Connector, Doom Connector again, Game Connector.. Doom Connector again.. the people just didn't follow. That's not to say it would be anymore active than a typical IRC server had its original incarnation never came to end.. but these days I think the model is people meet up on discord, brows the servers on Zandronum and pick one. I had fun testing out dlls with Rocket, and I do feel bad I wasn't online more often.. but that client is so old, doesn't really run under wine (I think I had it working once like 15 years ago??).. and I'm just not going to run Windows for it.


Nothing will ever replace the fond memories I have for this program and the friends I made on it, and I really do wish we could relaunch it and have an active userbase eager to play some Doom on it.. but the novelty of playing Doom over the internet wore out a really long time ago, and gaming in general is now a saturated mess.

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