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Skulltag_actors railgun fires too rapidly

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I imported Skulltag Actors and Skulltag Data into my Doom project so my maps could have miniguns and railguns... but for some reason, the railgun has almost no delay time. It fires with the same frequency as a pistol... and I can't find the weapon in the DECORATE lump for Data... and Actors won't load in Slade for some reason.

How would I go about fixing the delay time? I think something like 50 tics would be more suitable for the railgun and prevent players from gaining an unfair advantage.

In case you need to know, it's a .WAD project targeted to run on ZDoom and ZDoom derivatives (primarily Zandronum). The map is in UDMF format.

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-Skulltag_actors.pk3 is actually a 7zip file, you need to open it as a 7zip to get to its contents.
-Skulltag's Railgun is supposed to force a relatively long reloading animation after every 4 shots. I vaguely recall that this behavior got broken in latest versions of ZDoom-based ports, though.
-To change the weapon's behavior, feel free to redefine it or make a derived class in DECORATE.

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