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weird gzdoom issue or mouse issue

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I'll have to try the other source ports, but as far as I know this only happens in gzdoom where I'm playing, and sometimes my weapon fires at random, or in multiple uncontrollable bursts, it's like i'm holding down the fire button but I'm not even touching the mouse. Is this something anyone's familiar with?

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Do you play on a laptop which has an enabled touchpad that you might be accidentally touching while playing? That's what I'm familiar with. :)

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I do have a laptop, but tap-to-click is always off....my litmus test has been to take my hands completely off the laptop and the mouse, and it's still firing.

maybe it does have parkinson's


maybe it's a gzdoom thing, I recently beat all of quake 2 with the same mouse on the same laptop...which I think takes hardware and drivers out of the running.

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