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My birthday wish...

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Hello, all of Doomworld!

My birthday is coming up real quick (it's on the 27th), and I know how we as a community like to celebrate.

If you wish, you may make maps for me, any format or ports you like. I would be especially interested in seeing other mappers use some of the custom stuff I've created: textures, monsters, etc. If you wish to use those, here are the two (still-in-the-works) resource packs. They also contain some stuff from Realm667, as well as other places, all of which should be separated into their own categories and credited in the DECORATE info files. If I've failed to include any names, let me know and I'll add them.

There are also a few tracks from Jimmy, Myuuji, and sounds from soundbible.com, too.

Textures: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ni808orhnwhdud1/T20.zip
Monsters, items, music, etc: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2uf4pueddc4b979/m27.zip

However, my main wish for my birthday this year is that we may each find an extra way to help serve someone in need, even if it is as simple as just saying hello. Little efforts like that combined make the biggest differences.

Thank you all again, and God bless.

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SotaPoika said:

Links are broken (they're having "..." in the middle). :/

Apologies. I'll edit them right away.

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I wish I could make you a map for your birthday, obake, but I simply would not be able to make something that looks nice in time, assuming I also put other projects on hold.

I do, however, wish you the best for your birthday! You're a very helpful person and God Bless you!

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Thanks so much, Fonze. :)

I have a new, non-broken download for the resource wad here. Anyone whose downloaded m27, just delete it and use this one instead: M24(2)

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