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The Fold [Episode One, V 1.1] No more hitscan enemies! Enemies more predictable!

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After a scathing review from a YouTuber, I thought a lot about this mod and felt guilty letting it sit as it was. 



Welcome to the Fold. You are Dr. Rakim Xavier, head of the engineering department in the newly formed Gokstad facility. The facility was attacked by an unknown force upon it's first day of being operational before any experiments of procedures could be performed. You charge to the theoretical department right as a mysterious force field covers it.

The Fold's journey will take you across multiple parallel universes to discover more about the attack on the Gokstad. Fight through diverse monsters with many tools at your disposal, each with their own alternate fire. This is a psychedelic, Build Engine era-inspired standalone meant for GZDoom, with destructible and explorable environments, climbable ladders and enemies that can swim. In addition, instead of starting with the same equipment by default in every map, every map starts you with different weapons at spawn, if you don't like carry weapons from map to map.

Also, conversations are skippable if you just walk past them. Any conversation in further episodes will follow suit.



Major Changes:


First level is completely redesigned.


There are no more hitscan projectiles from enemies. Enemies are now noisy and have slower reaction times on all difficulties but prodigy. 


Most music has been replaced for clipping reasons. Secret level now has music.


Quake-style intermissions.





The weapons have been majorly changed as well:


All weapons have a quick melee button now.


Force pistol has three modes to cycle between: Burst fire, ricochet, and microgrenade


Trenchgun is now semi-automatic and slightly weaker per shell. It now only needs to be pumped after using its two-round burst alternate fire


Coachgun reloads faster to adjust to change in shell strength. Primary and alternate fire have been swapped.


Machinegun now switches between carbine and crowd mode instead of using a scope. Crowd mode dramatically increases rate of fire at the expense of accuracy.


C4 bombs now switches between grenade, mine and instant impact modes.


Particle disrupter weapon now placed hidden throughout certain levels. 


Player weapons still function like hitscans in terms of damage, but have bullet trail effects to better judge aiming.




There is also a new health bonus item that adds +2 health. 



New Screenshots



















Old Screenshots













Download Link:





Old Download Link (have fast reflexes and planning):


Do you feel lost? You should...




Do not refrain from criticizing mod this time. It's how I learn. I will patch problems if you make posts about them.



A build of GZDoom new enough to include multiple tags for one sector required. Some areas are inaccessible otherwise.

If you're unsure, just download the latest DRD build right here: http://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdoom/


Edited by ReedtheStrange

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I like the first screenshots and not the last ones, hehe. Has anyone given this a try?

I don't usually play gzdoom.

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Looks really 90's and cheesy (in a good way). It also reminds me of marathon a bit.

VGA said:

I don't usually play gzdoom.

I don't get why a lot of people don't use GZDoom. It has compatibility for literally every single player PWAD out there, although I do see many people who prefer the good ol' software renderer instead of OpenGL.

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VGA said:

Has anyone given this a try?

Yeah, it's good, I recommend it. The weapons are very satisfying to use (protip: they all have an alt-fire which can be more useful than the primary fire, I suggest cheating for all weapons just to experiment a bit with them, and then starting a new game to play normally) and the ambiance is unique.

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Gez said:

Yeah, it's good, I recommend it. The weapons are very satisfying to use (protip: they all have an alt-fire which can be more useful than the primary fire, I suggest cheating for all weapons just to experiment a bit with them, and then starting a new game to play normally) and the ambiance is unique.

Nothing's really "cheating." The weapons are meant to be versatile as many of the enemies are fast and do a good amount of damage. In a similar vein the Blood's difficulty and situational philosophy.

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By cheating, I meant using idkfa to get all weapons and experiment a bit with them first, before starting a real game.

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RoyBatty said:

This looks crazy, downloading right now.

Is that a galaxian? Sort of reminds me of the atari box art.

It's an awesome WAD. I put a lot of work into it.

The brown things (Watchers) are basically balloon like organisms that float and spit poison at prey. They're been artificially modified to function as... watchers. I've considered making a death state in which they still float and can be pushed around if not popped.

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I remember this in different thread with name Beyond the Portal, what happened?

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Is is, in fact, a reboot a Beyond the Portal. While I liked Beyond the Portal's artstyle, I found that the new art style is more fun to make stuff for and Beyond the Portal's weapons were getting cluttered. Beyond the Portal was my first WAD and I felt I could drastically improve everything by starting over.

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