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Is the attic being updated?

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A while ago I noticed that I could not find fredrik's old armour sprites in the attic when they were replaced with raymoohawk's new art. I asked about it here but got no reply. The sprites seem to still be missing.

Now there have been some quite substantial updates recently, with most (if not all) ammo and health pickups, as well as some decorations, having been replaced with new versions, and the GitHub repository states that the latest commit was 3 days ago. However, the latest commit in the attic is from December 6 last year (more than a month ago).

It seems to me that previously, replaced resources were moved to the attic at the same time as the new ones were added. Is there a slowdown due to technical issues? Or have the attic updates stopped for some reason?

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Nikita_Sadkov said:

maybe it is there.

I'm not trying to find that particular asset. I'm concerned that the attic might have stopped being updated after the resources were de-symlinkified.

Older assets are certainly included with the earlier releases and their sources. If the attic is indeed not updated they can at least be restored that way. However, I'm not sure about the assets that were included after the most recent milestone release and then replaced with even newer ones.

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