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GZDoom Builder Eternity Config

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Given the lack of a current Eternity config for GZDoom Builder, I took it upon myself to make up updated one. This is still a WIP but this should be far more extensive than the old config, which was missing many of the things and line specials added in since the last DB2 config was released. ACS is very patchy, and may not have correct keywords. Any help with errors, or just suggestions, would be much appreciated. I'm not sure if this will work with Doom Builder 2 but feel free to try.

To install simply drag and drop the contents of the WIP-CFG folder into your GZDB installation folder and merge.

Current Download: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=19246958851231971398

Old Download(s):

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Good work! Two things, though:

- you should set the config name to something more descriptive than just "Eternity". I'd call it "Eternity: Doom 2 (Doom format)". That way other games or map format can be added easily without ensuing confusion.

- Line actions, "Anchor" section. "Anchor Line (for Special x)" isn't really descriptive. Maybe you should change it to include what special x does (like "Anchor line for linked ceiling portals (from special 358)").

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Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely try sort those out and do an update. The reason the things you mentioned are the way they are is because they were inherited from the DB2 Eternity config, which I used as a base. When making this I sorta just forgot that the old config itself could do with some improving of stuff already there (given my goal was at the time to attempt to have it be more complete), so thanks for pointing them out.

EDIT: Modified config is available up top.

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Death Egg said:

Any way to make it so it shows slopes like with the ZDoom/GZDoom configs?

Not through the config. What to do with the ZDoom slope specials (and several others) is hard-coded into GZDB.

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I posted a bunch of questions a few days ago for MaxED but he sadly hasn't replied to any of them. Hopefully he's just a bit busy and will get around to answering them soon.

EDIT: Given his answering of people who posted comments later than myself, I'm guessing not...

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