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[ZDoom] Using Hexen Player Weapons as Monster Weapons?

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Evening fellow DECORATors.

In my relentless quest to make my own Doom II mod, I've been trying to make a new monster based on and replacing the Cacodemon, whose weapon is the Arc of Death (Hexen Mage's lightning weapon) instead of the standard Cacodemon projectile. However, simply replacing "A_HeadAttack" with "A_MLightningAttack" doesn't get me the desired result, instead it gets me an error message whenever I fire up GZDoom.
Is there a different method for using Hexen weaponry? In addition to the lightning-shooting Cacodemon I want to make another flying monster which drops Flechettes that turn into the obligatory gas clouds on contact with the floor.

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The engine distinguishes player weapon actions from non-player (usually monster) weapon actions, you shouldn't mix them together. For a generic monster's projectile-based attack, use A_CustomMissile with whatever desired projectile type as a parameter.

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Wow, good luck with that - in order to repurpose the Hexen attacks for use by monsters, you will probably have to recreate the attack actions using the generic pointers. The thing about Hexen's functions is that a lot of them are still pretty hard-coded, especially the more complicated ones like the Arc of Death and Wraithverge, so you may not be able to make a 100% accurate recreation of them.

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