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Doom Enchanted Mod

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Hello Marines!

I made a little Doom wad. (Like Brutal Doom, and Beautiful Doom, but this one only has a few changes.)

This mod changes the monsters:
- All original monsters get a stronger and a strongest version which spawn randomly.
(Examples: Zombie Man -> Commando Zombie Man - > Elite Zombie Man ; and Demon -> Brown Demon -> Nightmare Demon)

- HUD Changes

- Difficulty skills also developed: This hasn't Baby Skill.

Easy ; Normal ; Hard ; Very Hard ; and Nightmare

Monsters Aggressiveness is 1.0
Easy-Normal-Hard have AmmoFactor 1.5
Very Hard has AmmoFactor 2.0 DamageFactor 1.5
Nightmare has AmmoFactor 2.0 DamageFactor 1.5 + respawn

Vanilla CO-OP experience! :D

Have fun, and welcome to HELL! ;)

DOWNLOAD LINK (v 3.1): (This wad work on Z/GZDoom, and Zandronum)

Fix things:

- Green and Blue Cacodemon melee damage sprites.
- Archvile and EnchantedArchvile spawning.

Fix things (v 1.2 - v 3.1):

- Noinfighting removed from monsters
- Fixed monsters classes (example: DoomImp, GreyImp, and GreenImp don't attack each other)
- Hellknights, BaronofHell, and Archvile got Level 3 version.
- Almost all Level 3 monsters have different attacks. (Example: GreenImp can throw green poison plasmaball)
- All Level 3 monsters when die, they give random armor or health bonus for the balance.
- Add advanced health and armor bonus. (RedHealthBonus, and YellowArmorBonus) They are spawn random. (4/1 odds) Includes Level 3 Monsters drop too.
- It changed sounds of HellKnights, BaronofHell, Mancubus, and Revenant class monsters. (Not all sound! Example: Revenant class monsters only change "pain" sound.)
- All monsters have "EnemyBulletPuff", and "EnemyBall" damagetypes. All monsters have 0.2 damagefactor when infighting.

Fix things (v 3.1 - v 4.1):
- All Level 3 monsters have different attacks, and almost Level 2 monsters too.
- All Monsters' Missile are faster.
- Add AutomataShotgun, and GrenadeLauncher weapons... these are available if you kill Cyberdemon, or Spider Mastermind. These drop out!

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I would of liked in fighting personally.

With the variety of monsters, do they have unique attacks and weapons or simply aesthetics with higher stats?

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I like the idea, but not the recolored sprites, the custom HUD and the cosmetic changes.

Personally, I would get rid of the randomized nature of the mod altogether and replace every enemy with their strongest counterpart.

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Yes. Stronger versions are speeder and they have +50% health as original versions. Strongest versions are even faster and they have +100% health as original versions.
Except: - Archvile, because he is just one variation. (EnchantedArchvile: 2x faster and +50% health as original Archvile)
- Cyberdemon, and Spider Mastermind. They just got a little extra health.
- HellKnight, and BaronofHell. Because BaronofHell is a "EnchantedHellKnight" therefore HellKnight got only a stronger version, and BaronofHell got only a Stronger version too. (ChaosKnight, and NightmareofHell)

There are special monsters: ImpGhost, HellKnightGhost, and CacodemonGhost. They like "Spectre". They are rarely spawn.



I cann't comply everyone. This mod would compare to Doom RPG mobile game. Not completely, but partially. HUD is a different matter. :)


I didn't know that there is such a mod. I just wanted to do a small mod (That looks like a little Doom RPG). That's all. :)

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