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Competitive DOOM (CTF & Duel leagues, tournaments, etc)

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Welcome to the competitive Doom thread.

This is for those interested in CTF & Duel on a competitive level. Posts about leagues/events/tournaments are welcome here, regardless of source port. Match schedules & results, player rosters, maplists, hype for signups, and other such posts are all encouraged.

Managers/operators of the various leagues/torunaments are encouraged to crosspost here to help bolster the popularity of competitive Doom and get the news out to all and any players who may be interested in participating!

Various links for reference:

World Doom League - Competitive CTF League (Odamex)

Zandronum Tournaments & Matches

Zandronum Duel Championships - ZDC posts & information

North American Doom Association - Duel League (Odamex)

Zdaemon Tournaments

If I'm missing any links or you have anything further to add about leagues, tournaments or events, please let me know here so I can update this thread with the relevant information. Thanks!

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Some cool highlights from the first 3 seasons of the WDL. Season 4, the Winter 2016 season, begins tonight with a triple header starting at 8pm Eastern. Games are also at 9PM and 10PM.

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Holy crap, there are some pretty intense defends/captures in that compilation. Amazing stuff!

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