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Bots on D-Touch?

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Is there a way to add bots like Cajun, ZCajun, Doombot, etc in D-Touch?
I'm new into this whole bot thing.

I'm using D-Touch 3.2 (GZDoom 1.8.6).

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It appears that the ZCajun bots are currently unsupported and will not be updated or fixed by the (G)ZDoom developers. Sorry for the bad news!

(Source: ZDoom Wiki)

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The Cajun bots are the only bots present in GZDoom, and I don't know if they've been kept in the D-Touch port. I suppose you can try, though given that the way to add bots is relatively non-standard (i.e. it's not just like loading a PWAD) I'm not sure the process can easily be adapted to an Android system.

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