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[E] Exodus

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Exodus was founded by me at July 13th 2015, after things at the Zandronum clan scene seemed pretty dire at that time.

At first I had plans for hosting weekly events, but there wasn't too much participation so I decided to keep it for special cases.
At the time being, [E] is a competitive clan on Zandronum, and we're all up for any kind of scrim and CTF games! Some Survival every now and then is also great :)

Moti / Terminus (leader)

  • IdeIdoom
    John Zombie

  • Otacon

  • = inactive

    Feel free to hit us up at #Exodus at Zandronum IRC.
    Recruitment right now is Invite-only. You can ask to join but I usually like asking the rest of my clan members of their opinion, so make sure to PM me first.

    - Moti

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    Got us a couple of new recruits - Artega/Artstyle and MeRk!
    Always looking for some scrims btw, so hit us up at #Exodus.

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