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Community's Doomed Videos

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A question, is the intention of this thread limited to YouTube? Because pretty much every port has the ability to record deathmatch demos which can then be played back.

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Me and my friends had a casual FFA session yesterday. We used "Brutal DOOM" run via Zandronum and the Dwango5 map set. The video also includes our conversation from Teamspeak, but we're from Poland so unless you know Polish it won't make much sense. Here are the videos - I recorded the first one and my friend the second one. We're all readers of the "Pixel" magazine (hence the name of the videos). The newest issue features an interview with John Romero by the way :) Anyway, the videos:



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Doomkid said:

Sweet, polish Dwango deathmatch? Sounds good to me!

Thanks :D We have plenty of DOOM fans here in Poland! :)

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MetalGuy213 said:


so.. new video to send to you karakurt..
is some lesser lagger.

Again, your videos are unwatchable. Sorry.

Eris Falling said:

Forgot about this one. It's a lost TNS highlights of sorts because it kinda flew completely under the radar

ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #209 - Real World I + II, recorded by DaIcemann76

Adding it right now!

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^ What the hell did I just watch, and why did I feel compelled to watch it two times consecutively?!

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Shogun said:

Karakurt did you forget Cecil's frag videos

*clears spit from monitor*

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I am baffled by that "Noisy kebab" video - It crashes Firefox each and every time without fail. At first I thought it must have been a coincidence, but I'm getting a 100% crash rate when trying that link. To troubleshoot I put on a few different YouTube videos, all of which worked immediately.

I'm by no means complaining about the video, it's more than I'm just stumped as to what the hell could be causing this

EDIT: Turns out it's just the fact that my PC is a potato, hilarious video!

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Marcaek said:

oh boy you can kill someone dumb enough to talk for that long in zdwars

could be probably.. aleast English users can't understand the EspaƱol Language of him.. but actually i've beated him 2 times.. now my record is 12 secs because he RQ... and he's more harrasament than me.
PS:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQSnb0MD7pM&feature=youtu.be other video but now about that mah bois

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MetalGuy213: Your video is too short, therefore it doesn't match the rule. Only speedrun videos are allowed.

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It's so amazing to see such an active community. I'm really a n00b to all this. This map is the first one I have made in ten years, but it's been a lot of fun

Can someone help me figure out how to upload wads? I have one key based mission map that I have been trying to double as a multiplayer map. I have about 20 hours in the map now.

If you will, please give some constructive critisism. This is my first post. It will not be the last. Hello, DoomWorld Community!

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