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freedom versus limitation

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so, maybe some of you know that i build maps for doom. i do this just for fun. i actually didn't build maps when doom was released. i started recently using modern leveleditors like (gz)doombuilder. it is a lot of fun for me to push the visuals of doom but also tinkering with scripts, decorates etc. doom's beauty lies within it's simplicity.

very recently i started to build maps for quake 2 which obviously is more advanced. i'm out of shape but i used to build maps with qeradiant for many years.

but here's kind of my dilemma. doom gives your limitations. it's not real 3d. you can only do so much with the tech. quake 2 gives you all the freedom you can (or can't) think of.

so, i'm kind of in this spot... i do know how to build maps in quake 2 but you just have so many possibilities, you don't know where to start. i guess it's also about getting used to quake 2's architecture again. that's what i try to capture. but you can also go so much further.

i don't know if that's an interesting topic to discuss. maybe you have an opinion about it. do you prefer doom for it's simplicity or do you like the challenge of infinite possibilities?

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I believe that limitation of available features helps the mapper to focus on the important aspects of level design, which can be good for beginners, those who want to practice their skill at level designing, those who want it simple and can't be bothered with complexity, or those who don't need complexity to begin with. In Doom's case, this "limitation" also allows faster creative process, for example it's easier to make a single octagonal room in Doom engine than in a true 3D engine. When one feels a need to tinker with advanced/complex features or to create something special, and is willing and competent-enough to work harder, surely it's all good for him to find a way to free himself of limitations and do whatever he wants to.

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