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Life Is Like A Box Of Mails

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At least, that's what my mother told me. Here we go:

Evan 'tutt' Kamlet let us know about yet another DOOM III related site: DoomIII.us.
Picklehammer posted news on his site about the end of the MOD Class event (the tracker equivalent of fanatic's midi class). MOD Class 4's results are available for download.
The NetherLAN (doomers LAN party) is online... on a webcam. If you're lucky, you may even see our own Mordeth on screen.

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Doh, Nederlan.. I wish I could have been there, but.. I kinda got overrun by work here.

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On picklehammer's MOD Class page it reads "a mod file can have better quality than an mp3"


I wonder what MP3's he listens at.
Better than midi, in many cases yes. Better than MP3, no not at all.

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