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How to Create a Config for Creating servers with Best. Ever. or TSPG

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hello guys.. this is a Multiplayer tutorial for the Doomworld users if they don't know how to use a config on your host proviver in IRC "Doomseeker" or "Internet Doom Explorer" into #Bestever or #TSPG-Painkiller or #TSPG-Britsteel... there it goes!

To create a comfig should be added a:
determinating the Map Rotation of a Maplist.

then doing that.. should be now adding a "Skill" or a "BotSkill" for the bot in Deathmatches or Duels exactly like:
BotSkill 3
Skill 3
if a mod or addon like Complex Doom or Brutal Doom with extra skills should be take care of these skills... Could be for you extremedy hard or insane...
NOTE:i've seen then some servers's configs shouldn't Work on the "Skill" or "Botskill".

adding maps?
to add a map should use "Addmap" on the config file then "MAP01".. if you're using other wad or Pk3 then for example of Delta & Alpha Invasion "DTINV01"
should be looking like:
addmap MAP01
with another Pk3 or Wad:
addmap DTINV01

then you finish this.... There it comes the DMFLAGS and everything..
theres a example about how to set the DMFLAGS And everything:
DMFLAGS 2446340
Compatflags 311493

Server variables: A thing to set the Master server's things exactly like:
sv_unblockplayers 1
sv_defeaultdmflags false
sv_Suddendeath true

Setting things on a addon: other thing to set the master server's things but into on a addon like Samsara with the original or with Extra heroes or other addon.. could be like exactly (NOTE: MUST be adding the "Set"):
set samsara_banjetpack 1
other example but with complex doom:
set cd_sharedkeys 1
set cd_alwaysdrop 1

and IT'S DONE!!.. then you finish the config on your notepad.. should add a name like "ShadowZandroCoop.cfg" for your server.. then you're since hosting a master server on each channel with the config.. but NOTE... should be uploaded on the website of the channel.

i hope then this tutorial for your master servers of the config will be sucssesuful for you :)

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