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(Map) Jashin: Blood Technology

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G'day bloke, I'm about halfway through the map and enjoying it so far but have run out of time today so here I am. A suggestion I would like to make is to allow monsters to open doors from their side as it will add more Doominess to the map. There's a bug with the mirror in the toilets: when viewing the mirror anywhere on the floor level, the mirrors just display HOM (ZDoom 2.7.1). If you get onto the "basin" area the mirrors display perfectly. Also I believe I jumped up there, maybe you could state if it's intended for jumping/crouching or not. I can see a few places where jump/crouch could break the map so I refrained from using them except to check out the mirror.

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Jumping and crouching is allowed. I'd disable it if it wasn't.
Even more, crouching is REQUIRED to advance through sewers.
The mirror is buggy, you gotta either use OpenGL port or wait until proper mirror handling in ZDoom 2.8.x (this post)

If you know places where map can be broken with jump/crouch, please tell here.
I know of few minor bugs, but there aren't outright shortcuts AFAIK.

Things that I know:
1) Crouch can be used in the beginning to evade trap door close (i.e. crouching at the door and shooting to lure everyone outside and kill them safely). This is a feature.
2) Jump+crouch can be used to get inside gears later on. This is known and probably won't be fixed. Not sure.
3) Jump can be used to jump out of crates near rocket launcher, so you don't have to shoot the crate wall. This is a feature as well.

You can try to rocketjump from blood through bridge, but that's blocked.
You can also probably rocketjump to outer area above the walls in exit area, that'll be fixed later on. I didn't fix rocketjumps so much.
After all, people who use it won't see half of map's features, so it's their problem in the first place. It's not like ZDoom is played competitively demo-wise.

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Update: fixed jump to yellow skull, fixed rocketjumping in places, fixed jumping into gears.

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