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A short city themed map

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Good Afternoon everybody.
I just want to share my new map.
It's a city themed monster mahyem wad. I always wanted to make something like this but I'm a newbie so it's maybe not to perfect.

I would like to ask you, what should I do better (I plannig to upload this on the archive but I want some feedback before it.)

SOURCE PORT: I recommend GZdoom

Rockstar Games: textures

CC4 resource pack: textures

sergeant mark iv: To the decorating sprites (lamppost, trashbins, etc.)


The wad's name is my city's name because the inspiration.

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The city setting was nicely done, I liked it. Though the map has some big flaws imo. The gameplay wasn't very exciting, most of the action takes place on a flat ground. Use more heigth variations to make more interesting situations. Also the map lack of lightning variations which make it look a bit dull. But the most important thing that was lacking was more exploration and more action inside buildings, it's what makes really interesting these kind of maps. Otherwise it was quite interesting, just keep trying and you will get better. You gained some points for the Grezzo Due posters ;)

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