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Jasper Carmack

[FOUND] Doom Sky source files

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printz said:

I wonder who the one legged body is. Another fascist from the same group?

Might be one of Il Duce's henchmen. Hanging crooks or embezzlers by one foot is an Italian tradition that dates back to medieval times, and there's probably no reason not to give lower ranking fascists the same treatment.

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Da Werecat said:

Worse doesn't always mean early.

But we do conclusively know that id was inadvertently introducing older and early assets into the game even in the Jaguar port of Doom. This is verifiable by examining the Baron sprites in the Jaguar port and noticing that they reverted the F attack frame back to an alpha/beta version which possesses brighter hooves and horns along with less shading, a similar error which came to the PC version as well. How such errors came about, we don't know, but it's far from an unlikely possibility that this same mistake couldn't affect the wall textures as well as they had to reprocess all of the patches for the port.

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I'm late to the party but I think this is one of the coolest threads on the entire forum. id were incredibly creative when it came to producing hellish/believable textures from seemingly mundane images.

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Those are drastically different assets, not a few pixels worth of hooves shading. Plus, it actually looks like someone took graphics based on photos and decided to redraw them. I can even understand the reasoning.

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Not really. They are minimally tweaked versions, and someone probably mixed older and newer versions and as such there are little inconsistencies.

Very interesting thread.

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I discovered a while back that one of the skies from Heretic and one from Hexen used the same source material:

Would you happen to have noticed the sources of these and other Heretic/Hexen skies going through those resources?

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On 1/29/2016 at 5:48 AM, Blackmantis said:



You're welcome, and stay tuned - More to come as I dig through these CDs :D

Mark my words, I -will- find all sky texures, including the hell skies.

I'm pretty sure the hell skies are drawn.  Episode 4's sky looks like it might be recolored, so it'll be even harder to find if it is real because it isn't the original color. Episode 2's MIGHT be recolored, but Episode 3's is obviously drawn

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Hello. I am experimenting with a Hi-res SKY3.

Do you know what rocks were used here?




My attempts (some of them should be stretched vertically for my own reasons)





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