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Documenting the information on the inspiration/sources of Doom's assets

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The Doom wiki features these pages:

However, to my knowledge, it lacks a page dedicated to the inspiration and/or sources of Doom's (and other Doom engine games) own assets? Over the years, the community has found many of the sources/inspiration for Doom's asset's that weren't hand drawn/completely original.

Information on some of these has over time been added to individual pages on the Doom Wiki: for instance the skies page states that Doom1's SKY1 is a photo of the Yangshuo cavern. However much of this information remains buried in old forum threads.

I think it would be cool if as many of these as possible could all be dug up and the relevant information added to a new page on the Doom wiki especially dedicated to such?

Naturally, the sources for some assets no longer exist; for instance I recall reading that the Doom1 texture SKINSCAB features a photograph of one of the developers actual scabs. But of course that doesn't exclude detailing them on such a page.

Here's a pair of recent threads where Blackmantis and Reinchard discovered the sources for several of Doom's textures, for instance:

Original sources of various Doom skies:
Original sources of various Doom mascarons:

It may also be interesting to document other sources, or at least games, that have assets clearly directly based of ones from Doom: Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, Operation Body Count, Spear of Destiny: Ultimate Challenge to name three. Or perhaps that could be a new section on the Doom references in other games wiki page?

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I'd be also interested in inspiration/sources of other games, but I think most of the stuff from Heretic and Hexen was drawn or modeled by their artists (Brian and Steve Raffel, Shane Gurno, James Sumwalt), and for Strife it seems a large part of the source can be traced directly back to Doom.

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I wasn't aware of that page Fraggle; thanks for collating all that information in one place.

As ID did with their art, I think some of Heretic and HeXen's artwork is based on or inspired by their artwork from Ravens earlier games. But of course, that doesn't where/what were was the inspiration/sources for it in the first place :p

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