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I have done a small new map to comemorate my return. It is a spaceship-themed map (futurely multi-map miniWAD or maybe even megaWAD!) that is based on a certain level of a certain game.

It is at download here. ;)

I don't want to take screenshots right now. I'm quite lazy...

I want criticism! It has been sometime since I don't make maps for Doom so I would like concise feedback on what should I improve at and regain my super mapping skillz.

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'I'm quite lazy'

That about sums up this map, too. Several connected rooms packed to the brim with monsters, a severe lack of ammunition on par with its lack of terrain or theming-- and let's talk about that file size. I've met a lot of people that talk a big game while offering little in the way of satisfaction; take off the pants and all you find are rolled up socks.

If there's something that can be said in the positive about this trouser travesty, it's that the gradient lighting in the well detailed (comparably) light fixtures flanking the central area actually do show the potential for effort to be applied.

For the sake of others, I've included a screenshot that best summarizes the experience:


In seriousness, though. If you toned back the monsters, added some variation to the beginning room and then expanded the areas like the chain gunner area into their own areas, throw in some detailing and you might actually have a pretty neat map01 of a level set. There /is/ some potential here, just don't be afraid of patience and persistence.

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OK, I tried to make this map as hard as possible, since most people were saying my maps were way too easy back in the day. And the lack of ammunition is so that you have to pistol down the spectres in the second room near the exit, to keep you in the map for more time before coming into the room of the chaingunners (or the exit room if you can get into the chaingunner room without alerting the Spectres).

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This map seems to be ZDoom-only compatible. Furthermore, it requires an OpenGL renderer unless you want to see a giant HOM behind you in the start room. The sky-filled straight wall looks stupid even in OpenGL, though. And the rest doesn't really look any good either. Architecture or texturing give no sense of place, just crude, very basic randomness. The whole map is absolutely flat, except one steep staircase in one narrow corridor connection 2 isolated areas, which is gameplay-wise purposeless height variation.

The first thing that happens in the map is that you open a door and see a bland room stuffed with random monsters on every square meter. I'll give you thumbs up for the mere fact how it requires the player to show some skill to not be weakened too much in this encounter, but the whole area and the whole battle looks and feels dull and uninspired. Then comes the second room, which floods the first room with lots of monsters that the player doesn't have sufficient weaponry to kill. That turned out to be challenging actually, until I resorted to foil the challenge by jumping over the enemy's heads, because I had seemingly no other choice considering how many of them overwhelmed me hopelessly. And if I was supposed to camp somewhere and take them out one by one until I ran out of ammo and then by punching, it was a horrible design decision.

Anyway, I proceeded to the tiny corridor with Chaingunners, who were stupidly placed in a row behind each other, making them infight and kill each other more easily than anything. Then as I went there once they died, a wall started lowering unnecessarily slowly... Until it revealed a Baron, whom I had no chance to kill without resorting to punching him 100 times, but I could just easily outmaneuver him, push the switch and run back to the exit.

To sum up, I saw practically nothing that could be called "good" here, honestly. Being challenged by having limited ammunition against a swarm of monsters coming from everywhere is also unfun, particularly when balance is completely off like in this case. I'll tell you what I probably already told you sometime before: If you wanted to improve, you'd better look at other community-made wads (or whatever wads / games really) that are generally regarded as good, noted their aesthetical / level-design / gameplay-related traits, and tried to incorporate them into your own design.

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Just give yourself permission to be terrible at a skill until you master it (spoiler: this is the artist's trap.)

The wonderful thing about this kind of mapping is that it's highly iterative. Make more levels, put in the time and effort to improve a part of your craft and do it again. I've probably produced a hell of a lot more work than has seen the light of day, but I've learned something every time I did it.

Above all, just put in the time and be patient with yourself; instant gratification only feels good for the moment but stepping back and looking at a well crafted piece feels good for a hell of a lot longer.

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