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Create pwad out of midi file?

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It's been a LONG time since I've done this so...
What can I use to take a midi file and turn it into a pwad?
I already used the standard lump name for the e1m1 music lump d_e1m1.
i was able to merge the file with my map in Deepsea but the actual editor I'm using just stripped it out again.So, I want to turn it into it's own pwad and merge it using my current editory (DETH - and yes, I know, but I like it). lol

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You need a wad content editor, not a map editor. Get SLADE3, create a new wad file or open your wad in it, insert your MIDI into the wad as a new lump, and name the lump appropriately (D_E1M1).

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