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GZDoom Builder strange behavior

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This is pretty cut and dry, I've added linedefs to my map that don't show up ingame.
The map loads fine in-editor, shows my changes, everything looks good...but in game it's as if I haven't made any changes.

I tried saving into a new file, making extra sectors out of any larger flat spaces...retexturing...resizing....it just won't show up.

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Do your changes show when you test the level (meaning that GZDB will launch the game by itself)?

It's possible the file you're loading in the game isn't the same as the file GZDB is loading...

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Nope, it was my own stupid fault.

I had scripted a sector to do something dumb and that acts ..really funky on sectors shaped oddly, I guess.

I disabled the script on that sector and everything looks fine.

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Either your script was some fantastic exploit of the engine's behavior and worth being published and documented for posterity, or the actual cause was in something else, I have to assume. GZDoom Builder shouldn't refuse to save a wad even if it contains a script with broken syntax, or am I wrong?

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