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Portal helper GZDB plugin

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Download: https://github.com/biwa/eternityportalhelper/releases

This plugin makes creating portals for Eternity Engine maps easier

Simply copy the EternityPortalHelper.dll into the Plugins folder in your GZDB installation folder. In GZDB you can bind a hotkey to create the portals, it's in the "Create Eternity Engine Portal" option in the "Editing" Section in the "Controls" tab of the preferences.

How to use
Selecttwo or more sectors or exactly two lines. Then either press the assigned hotkey or the button in the menu bar to create the portal(s). Be aware that there are some prerequisites required by Eternity. If the portal(s) can't be created a message will appear in the status bar saying what went wrong.

For more information about the prerequisites check out http://eternity.youfailit.net/index.php?title=Linked_portals

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Great job! The light level changing for lines is such a nifty little feature. Hopefully this plugin will make Eternity mapping a bit more alluring to others.

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I'm not sure how feasible this would be to add to a GZDB plugin, but I think one of the most useful additions that could possibly be made for portal editing is a way to display portal-connected areas overlaid on each other, so that you can get structures correctly lined up more easily between them.

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Not really doable. Each mode is responsible for the drawing on its own, so you can't controll that from somewhere else. Of course you could modify/replace all existing modes (sectors mode, linedefs mode, drawing modes...) but that's not really reasonable.

What might be possible is to add a kind of blueprint mode that's just for displaying and not for editing. But then you'd have to constantly switch between this mode and the real editing modes.

What I plan to add to the portal explorer is geometry checker, that selects linedefs that have no matching linedefs in the other part of the portal (the geometry is already checked when you try to create a portal).

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Some more progress:

the Portal Explorer docker now shows an exclamation mark at the portal group when the geometry doesn't match. Right-clicking the portal group opens a context menu where the user can let the linedefs in question get selected.

Which results in something like this (for the first option of the context menu):

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