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SimpleGore II v0.4 Beta

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Hi all! :)

For those that don't check the Zandronum forums (or at least not often), SimpleGore used to be a mod that added gore for monsters... A mod that only has gore because of simplicity. ;)

However it had UGLY gore.

SimpleGore II comes to the rescue!

And the best of all is that you can pick the gore up and throw it back at monsters using the Gore Thrower! Isn't that awesome?

I would admire any help...

Punch this button! Get some more gore than just a lot of pieces of meat that fall exactly below (oh my god, for the sake of Physics, don't use the normal Doom XDEATH)! ;)

EDIT: oops forgot screenshit:

There is another, but arguably posting it using [img] tags would exceed certain.. "limits".

View it on ModDB

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Zero stars (pointless)

Also, the BloodSplat actors will get spawned infinitely when the Gore actor keeps slightly bouncing off the floor infinitely and producing BloodSplats due to this code:

//Makes splats when hitting floor
LGR2	#	0		A_SpawnItemEx("BloodSplat", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 6)
Goto Spawn
EDIT: It could be fixed by limiting BounceCount, I suppose.

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Thanks for the report, scifista!

I only wanted a nice gore, something like "Only gore, no enhancements™" but it seems I failed given this review... :(

Also do you know some way of fixing it without losing the blood splats?

EDIT: Nevermind, I updated the OP link with a fix.

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Why nobody is giving me a clear idea of what should be improved?

Maybe wall splats? Cool I'll work in it! Wait... just a second... I have no idea how to do it! :/

Another ideal this mod follows is "simple gore, for older computers". Brutal Doom means a hell of a overheat for my PC!

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Why don't you use one of the already existent alternatives like smoothdoom (it's lightweight I think) or ketchup mod?
There's no point in another one like that but also incomplete. If it's just to pratice your skills, fine, but on actually releasing it don't expect a good reception when there's better and numerous alternatives, another one that brings nothing new is frankly unnecessary.

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Yes it's for practice.
-Smooth Doom doesn't has gore IIRC.
-Ketchup Mod isn't simple either. And not so light.

Another thing is: how do I spawn a decal when bouncing off a wall? It would be appreciated :)

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Beatiful Doom has gore...

Edit: where IS the gore? Its showing the same death scenes .

Edit: found the gore, apparently for high damage only huh?


Comical-3 stars (would work great with wads meant for laughs)
Realistic-0 stars (forget it. That part is hopeless)

Overall-2 stars (its like a funny Ketchup mod).

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Gustavo6046 said:

-Smooth Doom doesn't has gore IIRC.

Just chiming in here: SD actually does have basic gore effects for gibbed monsters. They're super simple, though.

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So far I done a decal, but I don't know how to place it when the item bounces.

Finally, this mod is not very serious. It's just to strenghten my relationships with the fun part of Doom ;) I have been way too serious with electricity drops at my city ultimately.

EDIT: Updated download links! (I though now the decal would work with the projectile that made decals... :/ )

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Bump, and the download link was updated with much-better looking gore! And now you can use a Gore Thrower weapon to throw gore back at monsters once you can collect gore, making ammo proficiently from monsters using just a rocket launcher or BFG to gib 'em! ;)

EDIT: Released on ModDB!

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