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#deathmatch on Zandronum IRC

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What is #deathmatch?

#deathmatch was created to give people interested in playing more DM and organizing DM sessions a place to find people interested in joining games. Being a DM-specific channel means you can set up matches without having to wade through more general chatter in other places like #Zandronum. You can still talk about other things but generally it's best kept to a minimum, basically though channel staff won't go full nazi on you for it.

I'm considering the possibility of scheduling organized sessions regularly, perhaps once a day if it's reasonable enough. Any suggestions about organized games and anything else that could help are welcome.

To join, simply connect to irc.zandronum.com using your client and type /join #deathmatch.

IRC Client Programs:

Mibbit (web based)

A note, I've been maintaining a set of Deathmatch servers, which you can find under the #deathmatch tag in Doomseeker or your browser of choice. Suggestions for a WAD not currently hosted are welcome, provided you intend to play and not just comment!

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This channel is the best consideration for playing dm games, much better than idling in a server for 20 minutes or having to play 300 ping Mexican greenwar on all the bad maps.

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seems then this channel is talking about Deathmatch and these DM Wads and things.. even with servers that are mading up on TSPG and BE.... so, nice channel for Deathmatch and these things.

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