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How to make all the sectors dark?

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It's been over a year since I've done any acs scripting and even then most of it was of the hack-and-slash variety (in that I did research and made it work, but didn't necessarily understand everything I was doing).

Still, a basic Google search has turned up this, which may prove useful for you.




I would imagine that youd need one of these for every tagged sector in your map. Idk if having a tag of 0 will work with sectors also tagged 0, but even if it doesn't just tag all sectors previously tagged 0->[new tag] and add another light fade line in your script with that new tag and it should work.

Prolly better ways to do it, but that's a start.

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Use Light_ChangeToValue if the light change is supposed to be immediate. Use Light_Fade if the light change is supposed to be gradual. In either case, you must give a tag to every sector you want to be affected, and use this action with said tag to affect them. Mapping in UDMF formats makes this easy, since every sector can have multiple tags, so that you can just block-select all sectors in your map and give them a certain tag without breaking their other tags they might possibly have. Note that when you change all their brightnesses to 0, they will "forget" the previous brightnesses they had, so that you won't be able to revert/retrieve their previous brightness value anymore after you darken them.

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