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Getting Close to finishing myfirst.wad

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But to my dismay I found this tidbit.

What will be rejected?
-Unmodified parts of any IWAD.
-Modified id Software levels.

So if I placed a Heretic golem into my levels is that bad? If I place Doom1 music into my wad (which is based from Doom2) that is bad? I see a lot of this happening since realm667 exists right? Maybe I am reading it wrong.

I also have some shareware levels (only parts of them for story telling purposes) that players revisit. Do I need to completely remove them or can I just modify them to the point where they are no longer recognizable? I am sure SOME geometry might still match the levels since the connecting parts would have to be removed. I understand that this does put a massive hamper on me finishing this up before the end of the month.

I might put my wad in its current form on WIP so you guys can play myfirst.wad soon. But it might be better to release a more finished version instead since i doubt anyone would be willing to play it more than once.

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In regards to the golem and the music, I've seen plenty of mods that use other Doom engine enemies and copies of existing music, so I doubt you'll find trouble there. It's the level bits you'll run into trouble with. Someone more knowledgeable about the specifics would be better to speak on it than me, but the best route would be just deleting those parts and making new sections that look similar.

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Also using some midi music from Metroid. It doesn't sound like anything from the game, but it does have the similar beat.

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