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BossEye and BossTarget works strange [Decorate only]

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Hello everyone.

I have a problem with Decorate work.
My idea of new mod is simple: replace every enemy on [Icon_of_Sin]'s BossTarget and every weapon on BossEye.

It was easy via decorate but I've got unexpectable problems - when BossEye shoots, skull-cube goes to BossTarget and...nothing happens. Just Fire-animation with sounds, but there are no monsters spawned.

I've tried to edit BossEye (disabled "NoSector", added more monsters in DropItem), but it doesn't help me.

Also, there WAS a problem at first tests: when I made "actor ZombieSpawn: BossTarget replaces Zombieman" game decided that there are NO BossTarget and BossEye do nothing.

And I made "Randomspawner replaces Zombieman" with "Dropitem "Bosstarget"" and it WORKS. But still, monsters WON'T SPAWN.

It's harder than I thought. Any ideas, please?

UPD: That was really stupid. I forgot about one main thing - CUBES SPAWNS NEW BOSS TARGETS, damn it

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