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IWFM.wad now !

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General Description : Smaller level with plenty of powerups if you can find
them. There are many secrets which if found and you will find them make the level winnable. I was unable to play the level through without dying on ultra-violence and I know where everything is. I think you will be able to though because you are a twitcher. There are difficulty levels ranging from 30 rockets on easy to 10 on ultra violent. I set up similar scenarios with other powerups, weapons and ammo. The level maybe dark if played in GZDoom. To set your preferred level: OPTIONS->DISPLAY OPTIONS->OPENGL OPTIONS->PREFERENCES->SECTOR LIGHT MODE
IMPORTANT !!!! I used a heavily modified (I just had to use that descriptor, I wish I could have used aged as well) sector from MAP01 Doom ][ just cause I was playing with cut and paste. Don't forget to tell someone so I can be sued. I choose to distribute this way for now before the level gets buried in the 23rd basement on the idgames ftp server

Comments welcome.


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