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Small Slaughter - A small slaughter wad

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A quick slaughter type of map I threw together for PrBoom. Fairly hard. Give it a try and let me know if there is anything wrong with it. Requires CC4 texture pack (included) and runs on complevel 9.


I would include a picture but my computer doesn't seem to be cooperating with me at the moment.

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1) cc4tex.wad shouldn't be in the same rar as your wad. I didn't want to DL it again, since I already have it.

2) "Fairly difficult" is relative, I guess -- I would have expected later waves to be more populous. Instead there were just a few localized simple groups. You can camp various spots fairly easily, particularly in the water pools, and there's enough ammo right at the outset that you hardly have to return to the surface until the cybs are dead.

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hi there. have a demo: https://www.mediafire.com/?08sobbt1l5ris38

I like the attitude, I have mixed feelings on the execution. pretty much (2) up thar ^^ summarizes the major problems. I was expecting more aggressive repopulation considering there's waaaay more than enough ammo to clear all the initial enemies. imo I'd replace all the water with damaging nukage, then the player would be forced to weave around a bit more instead of camping the pools. I think that manc switch area would still be a viable cheese-spot though.

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Hey guys, thanks for the input.

@rdwp - I guess I figured it would be fairly hard for someone playing it for the first time because of how many monsters are packed in the small level...guess not?

@Ribbiks - In terms of repopulation I agree with you after hearing it. The level could have stood to have more guys teleporting in after each switch or so. At least more guys at the end I suppose.

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