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[SOLVED] SLumpEd Question (I'm 44, I'm not OLD)

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Solved Using Slumped, you should go to the ALL filter and add markers there. But I agree with others in this post. Slade is simply superior.

Before I ask this, I understand and have used:

XWE, Wintex, etc.
I know Lumps, Patches, Textures, Texture1, PNAMES, F_Start and FF_Start....
I have the doom2.pal and understand the difference between PCX, BMP, and PNG.
I can even save BMP in 8bit with the Doom Palette. So... I'm okay here.

But Slumped seems like it's just missing something or it expects me to know something I've forgotten.

I need to get the Texture1 lump in there and the PNAMES lump in there. Does this get created magically? Do I always have to export from the iwad and import?

It's just been so long I need a VERY QUICK catch-me-up.

I'm making a new map32 replacement for Plutonia's Go2It.

I'm using plutonia.wad as the Iwad in Doombuilder.


I open the WAD (mywad.wad) in Slumped.

I want to add some patches.
I want to USE those patches to create new Textures.

I've forgotten the procedure to make this happen. Slumped seems to scoff at me when I try to import from a file or add that to a PNAMES list (that doesn't exist yet).

What are the steps?

How do I get the PNAMES list in my "blank" WAD (that just has MAP32 data)?
How do I get the TEXTURE1 list in there?

I tried to just enter the right LUMP name and it doesn't work.
When I open up an older PWAD, the TEXTURE1 lump has all the textures listed. And all the PNAMES listed.

Um. How do I get that into my new mywad.wad?

A little help?

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Tolwyn said:

How do I get the PNAMES list in my "blank" WAD (that just has MAP32 data)?
How do I get the TEXTURE1 list in there?

Copy-paste them from your Plutonia.wad, respectively the IWAD for which your wad is intended for. Alternatively, I don't know about other editors, but SLADE3 can automatically create new TEXTURE1 and PNAMES by pressing a single button. Anyway, I recommend you to change your wad editing software and use SLADE3 over its outdated predecessor SlumpEd and its bugged and also outdated competitor XWE.

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