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T_Silverwolf's Writing and Other Doodads

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Hello there, Doomworld,

I dunno that it'd make much difference but I thought I'd post some stuff on here while I took a few minutes to do some things. Uh, I make a living with words. While I'm not very good with them, I keep working on it and I'm getting better with every iteration. Now, due to some issues my main site is in the process of being rebuilt but you can check it out here: tammysilverwolf.com

Most of my stuff is fantasy or has a fantasy bent to it, quite often erotic in nature. You can find the majority of my stuff on Hentai Foundry or Literotica by doing a search for my name (not going to post the links for decorum reasons) but once my site is back up, I'll be posting PDFs of some of my stuff there.

I tend to give my first drafts away for free, relying on the support of my patrons and book sales on Amazon to get me through financially-- not a terrific business model, but I've met a lot of cool writers and readers through doing so, so I guess it balances out in the end. Recently (because money is a thing) I've been putting some more time into learning GIMP (I use Linux and have neither the time nor money to afford a photoshop license) and I think I've been getting better at it.

Here are a couple of my recent attempts at a cover (the thumbnails should take you to the full images)

Are they world class? Of course not, but I'm fairly content with them and I'm patient enough to continue improving while I write, so it's not a total loss. I should have some links up to my writing stuff on my site when I get some time later today or tomorrow, but I've been meaning to make this post for a bit.

Thanks for the read!

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